Tribpedia: Public Utility Commission

The Public Utility Commission protects public interest, fosters competition, and promotes high quality infrastructure in regard to public utility rates, operations, and services. 

It was established by the Public Utility Regulatory Act in 1975. Texas was the last state to enact such a law. 

According to The Dallas Morning News, "In the past seven years, Texans have filed 54,356 complaints against electricity providers. Amazingly, the Public Utility Commission's staff has found rule violations in just 11 percent of those cases and has made only 34 attempts to seek sanctions. And while consumer complaints have doubled, the PUC's consumer protection staff is smaller today than it was seven years ago." 

In 2009, the PUC opted not to seek some stimulus funds available to them.



Chairman of Texas Public Utility Commission, Donna Nelson, during a hearing on Jan. 11, 2016.
Chairman Donna L. Nelson - Public Utility Commission of Texas

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