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Storify Timeline: Texans Sound Off on "Fast and Furious" Hearing

Texas officials and politicians weren't quiet about a House panel's vote on Wednesday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt over a fight involving the "Fast and Furious" weapons operation. Use our Storify timeline to follow this week's key developments and to see what Texans had to say.

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Michael Burgess: The TT Interview

The Republican congressman from Lewisville on his objections to a law setting higher efficiency standards for lightbulbs and how he intends to stop the Department of Energy from enforcing the standards. 

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Graphic by Todd Wiseman

TribWeek: In Case You Missed It

Aaronson on why the latest Texas job gains are a mixed bag, Aguilar on the fight over an Eagle Pass coal mine, Batheja on nasty U.S. Senate race ads, Galbraith on El Paso's water woes, Grissom on John Bradley's tough primary, Hamilton and M. Smith on the controversial chairman of the University of Texas System Board of Regents, Murphy's cool higher ed stats interactive, Ramsey talks to Robert Draper about what's wrong with Congress, Ramshaw on Joe Barton vs. himself, Root on Perry's Mitt embrace and my exclusive sit-down with the chancellor of the UT System: The best of our best content from May 14-18, 2012.

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Robert Draper: The TT Interview

The author of a new book on Congress on what's wrong in Washington, whether the new members or the establishment is more to blame, what might change things, whether the insiders know their system is broken, and whether he thinks more or less of the institution after seeing it up close.

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Justin Dehn

Jack Abramoff: The TT Interview

The former lobbyist on how to regulate lobbying in Washington, why he thinks the system is essentially corrupt, when money in politics is a problem and when it's not, and why anyone should listen to someone like him. 

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