Abby Livingston

House Backs Repeal of Crude Oil Export Ban

A bipartisan team of Texans rounded up an overwhelming majority of U.S. House votes on Friday to back a bill repealing the nation's long-standing ban on exporting domestic crude oil to the international market. But the final House tally wouldn't be enough to overcome a threatened presidential veto.

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Marjorie Kamys Cotera

Texans Rally U.S. House to Lift Oil Export Ban

A decades-long ban on crude oil exports is up for repeal, legislation that is expected to glide through the U.S. House at the end of the week. While there is little doubt that the House will pass the repeal, it still faces serious obstacles before becoming law. 

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Bob Daemmrich / Jennifer Whitney

Texans in Congress Again Target Oil Export Ban

The nation’s capital is bracing for a frenetic fall. At best, Congress can expect a four-month legislative slog through everything from Iran to abortion; at worst, the government could shut down. It's anyone’s guess what that will mean for a renewed push to end the country's crude oil export ban.


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