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Why college and career readiness is a unicorn for ESSER funds

In Texas, districts can receive millions of dollars every year for students considered college-, career- and military-ready. Why not invest the billions in unspent COVID relief dollars directly into solutions that increase the number of students reaching this status?

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By Roscoe Compton-Kelly, Senior Director of External Affairs, Education Opens Doors

Roscoe Compton-Kelly is the Senior Director of External Affairs at Education Opens Doors, a nonprofit organization that partners with middle schools to equip their students with the college and career knowledge and skills they need for long-term success.

Roscoe Compton-Kelly, Senior Director of External Affairs at Education Opens Doors

“The focus needs to be on the middle school level.”

“Students need access to critical college and career information early enough to make informed decisions throughout their high school career in order to be on a path to social and economic mobility.”

“What we’ve seen in our work is that this kind of purposeful, in-school instruction leads to middle school students hitting more college and career success markers once they get into high school.”

“Investing ESSER funds directly into college, career, and military readiness programming at the middle school level is a unique opportunity to get our kids back on track.”