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Want a strong workforce? Teach college and career readiness in middle school

Evidence shows that postsecondary planning in middle school prepares students for better workforce choices. Our view of college and career readiness challenges the status quo.

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Roscoe Compton-Kelly, Senior Director of External Affairs, Education Opens Doors

Roscoe Compton-Kelly is the Senior Director of External Affairs at Education Opens Doors, a nonprofit organization that partners with middle schools to equip their students with the college and career knowledge and skills they need for long-term success.

“We give students the tools to achieve their aspirations and goals — and in many cases, aim higher than they ever have before.”

“We at Education Opens Doors also challenge what it means to be college and career “ready.”

“Focusing on college and career readiness in middle school is resulting in the opposite of stressing out young students and their families about the future - it’s giving them control over it.”

1). Career exploration and learning increases student engagement

2.) Learning about certain career pathways helps students connect school to their future

3.) Students need to make critical decisions about their future before entering high school

“We want to shift the thinking about what learning can and should be like at the middle school level to best prepare our students.”