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Texas nonprofit empowers environmental action - for future’s sake

Our capability to take action for the health and safety of our shared environment, to protect and cherish natural systems and resources, is limitless when we cultivate collaborative alliances.

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By Joshua Geblein, Staff Writer, EarthShare Texas

EarthShare Texas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit federation providing unrestricted funding for 30+ vetted environmental and conservation organizations.

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Work that builds community relationships

Work that invests in the green economy

Work that generates and inspires individual and collective environmental action

On a peaceful summer morning in the Texas Hill Country, this image attempts to capture the essence of Pedernales Falls State Park. Quiet, serene, and magical in the morning, this Texas state park offers a chance to escape the rush of the city. Located about 30 minutes outside of Austin, Texas, this little patch of wilderness is easily accessible. The irony is that while I do come out here frequently for sunrises, I rarely see anyone. My only company are the deer, turkey, foxes and coyotes, birds, and even the occassional skunks and feral pigs.