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Texas deserves better than costly, ineffective energy proposals

Low-cost clean energy helped fuel Texas’s economic miracle. Some in the Legislature want to slow resources such as solar and wind power — but there’s no way to do it without hurting Texas consumers, employers and the economy.

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By The Texas Energy Buyers Alliance

The Texas Energy Buyers Alliance includes almost 400 companies and some of the state's largest employers and electricity users. Learn more at

“Texas can improve reliability without attacking clean energy and prohibitively raising the cost of electricity in this state”

“State leaders cannot slow renewable energy without hurting consumers, employers and the economy — there is just no way to do it.”

“The Legislature should strengthen our open energy market without discriminating against vital clean energy resources — and without picking winners and losers”

“Blaming renewable energy for Texas’s challenges is dangerously disingenuous. Discriminating against renewables only taxes Texas families, employers and other ratepayers.”