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Solar makes Texans more free and more safe

Rooftop solar systems fortify Texas’ power grid and lower electricity costs, making Texans more free and more safe. The state should make it easier for Texans to adopt them.

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By Bret Biggart, CEO of Freedom Solar

Freedom Solar is the Lone Star State’s leading and longest-running full-service solar installer, serving Texans since 2007.

“We can’t trust the state’s power grid. It’s time for Texans to start creating their own.”

“It’s time for Texans to take energy matters into their own hands. They can start on their own rooftops.”

“Every kilowatt that Texans generate themselves frees up power for other families and businesses, helping to keep the grid running.”

“Solar power is making Texans more free and more safe.”

“Leaders should start by requiring utilities and homeowners associations to streamline the permitting process for solar panels.”

“Solar power is Texas’ future — a market solution that’s meeting the moment.”