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Sempra Expands to Unlock Texas' Energy Potential

Sempra Energy is a North American energy infrastructure company focused on connecting millions through the power of leadership, innovation and technology. Its energy behind Texas is to help ensure that the state is recognized as a global energy leader.

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By Sempra Energy

“There is no question that Texas has an outsized role in providing energy to America, as well as increasing exports to foreign markets. So, as the state looks to recover from the pandemic, Sempra is committed to being a good partner and doing our part to promote the state’s economic growth and prosperity through continued investment.”

— Jeff Martin, Chairman and CEO

“Our commitment to innovation, technology and leadership will help Texas bring safer and more reliable energy to the world.”

— Brian Lloyd, Regional Vice President, Sempra LNG
Sempra Energy Donation - Aug. 7th 2020


“Our corporate citizenship plans will continue to grow with our team and we’re looking forward to aligning with the Texas organizations that are helping so many — now and in the future.”

— Lisa Alexander, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Sempra