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More extreme Texas weather shows need to prepare

Enduring lessons from 2021’s deadly winter storm and extreme heat and cold since: Texans can do more to protect themselves from power outages — and they may have to.

solar panels in winter

By Bret Biggart Freedom Solar Power

Bret Biggart, an Austin native, has been CEO of Freedom Solar Power since 2011.

“extreme summer and winter weather still threatens the grid and increase electricity costs, and Texans who want to stay free and safe from high bills and blackouts still need to protect themselves.”

“Our sales more than doubled in the year after Uri, and then nearly doubled again between 2022 and 2023.”

“These homegrown electricity solutions allow families and business owners to live more powerfully, no matter what the weather is doing.”

“solar and storage repeatedly provided peace of mind over this past summer and winter, when ERCOT put out more than a dozen conservation calls in about six months”

“One day, ERCOT’s fears will be realized: temperatures will swing very high or very low, demand will spike, generators will shut down due to weather or other factors, and there won’t be enough electricity to meet the state’s needs.”

“Solar and storage systems do more than protect owners from such emergencies. They also can slash electric bills for homeowners who generate their own electricity.”

“It’s good to be hopeful. It’s better to be safe — especially if it saves you money in the process.”