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How will 2023 reshape philanthropy and education?

Education nonprofits are uniquely positioned to help the country continue to heal from the pandemic. Read more about what trends we will see in philanthropy in 2023.

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By Maxi Anderson, Advancement Associate, Education Opens Doors

Maxi Anderson is the Advancement Associate at Education Opens Doors, a nonprofit organization that partners with middle schools to equip their students with the college and career knowledge and skills they need for long-term success.

“Funding for educational nonprofits must return to or exceed pre-pandemic levels to maximize success.”

“We believe that three philanthropic trends in 2023 will help educational nonprofits be successful in continuing to help students now as well as future generations to feel supported, confident and successful.”

“The nonprofit sector moving towards the trust-based approach allows the organization to take back a little more power and not allow funders to dictate every move.”

1. Trust-based philanthropy

2. Donor Prospecting

“Too many organizations have a one size fits all strategy for each platform and need to acknowledge or recognize each platform's somewhat unique demographic.”

3. Technology

“Well-positioned education nonprofits will be critical in 2023 as the country continues to come out of the pandemic.”