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Get to know Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

Highly trained, experienced CRNAs are critical providers in Texas’s healthcare system, focused on patient safety and access to safe anesthesia care.

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By Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists (TxANA)

Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists (TxANA) works to advance patient safety, facilitating cooperation among nurse anesthetists and other healthcare providers.

“It is well known that within the healthcare workforce in Texas, we have a system relying on CRNA practice to provide services to patients living far from easily accessible medical centers. Texas is home to over 5,000 CRNAs and five university programs facilitating certifying nurse anesthetists.”

— James Stockman

“We are with the patient from beginning to end. Because of our training and skillsets, we can work autonomously and provide benchmark anesthesia care.”

— James Stockman