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Education savings accounts drain resources, diminish choices

School vouchers, also known as education savings accounts (ESAs), have been a focal point this session and a priority for some state leaders. ESAs must be rejected by state lawmakers.

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By Michelle Smith, Ph. D., Raise Your Hand Texas

Michelle Smith, Ph. D. serves as the executive director of Raise Your Hand Texas and connects policy, research, and classroom experience to offer innovative approaches to the challenges in education policy in Texas.

“The policy and outcomes are the same regardless of the name. School vouchers – or ESAs – divert public funds to private schools and for-profit vendors.”

Vouchers drain public school dollars

“For each student leaving a Texas public school, a campus would lose about $10,000 in state and local funding. Yet, the fixed costs of running a school do not change when that student departs.”

Vouchers subsidize wealthy families 

Vouchers hurt students

School choice and parents’ rights already exist