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Actual education issues – not culture wars – must guide future elections

The latest polls show Americans think public education is important but must be improved as we come out of the pandemic. However, policymakers and others in education reform are too focused on social issues as opposed to improving teaching and learning.

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By Jeff McGuire, Manager of Policy & Advocacy, Education Opens Doors

Jeff McGuire is the Manager of Policy & Advocacy at Education Opens Doors, a nonprofit organization that partners with middle schools to equip their students with the college and career knowledge and skills they need for long-term success.

“By wide margins and regardless of their political leanings, parents are expressing satisfaction with their children's schools, teachers, and what is being taught to them.”

“New and early research is suggesting that adult quarrels can have a negative effect on how kids learn.”

“At Education Opens Doors, we’ll continue to advocate for a renewed commitment to closing the opportunity gaps that exist in education.”

“As education reform advocates, we can’t allow culture wars and partisan arguments to sidetrack us all from efforts to fix equity, quality and access gaps.”