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A “Matrix” of an election for K-12 education – Will Texas take the red or blue pill?

With two vastly different opponents, the future of Texas public education now rests with the voters. Regardless of who Texans vote for, K-12 education will be greatly impacted for years to come.

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By Alex Smith, Implementation Manager, Education Opens Doors

Alex Smith is an Implementation Manager at Education Opens Doors, a nonprofit organization that partners with middle schools to equip their students with the college and career knowledge and skills they need for long-term success.

“As it stands, it is important to note that both candidates want to improve Texas education and safety, with dissimilar approaches of course”

“Regardless of political leanings, Texans want change in public education”

“As property taxes continue to rise in Texas, taxpayers aren’t seeing real improvement in public education”

“School safety is on the ballot”