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Interactive Map: U.S. Senate Runoff Results By County

The runoff election on Tuesday made former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate and former state Rep. Paul Sadler the choice of the Democrats. Both won by convincing margins. The maps below show how each county voted in each of the party's primary elections.

At the statewide level, Cruz claimed the voting majority in 140 counties, compared to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst's 104. (In 10 counties, either no one voted in the Republican primary or both candidates received the same number of votes.) But Cruz's win had more to do with outperforming Dewhurst in the counties with the most votes to give. It's not until Bell, 15th in total votes cast in the Republican runoff, that Dewhurst secures a majority of the votes in county. In the other 14 counties with the most votes in the Republican runoff (Harris, Tarrant, Dallas, Bexar, Collin, Montgomery, Travis, Denton, Fort Bend, Smith, Galveston, Williamson, Brazoria and Lubbock), Cruz claimed a majority of the vote. And in these 14 counties, Cruz got 58.8 percent of his votes, and the majority of his support.

On the Democratic side, things were a bit more lopsided. Sadler picked up 212 counties to former school teacher Grady Yarbrough's 22. There were 17 counties with not votes at all in the Democratic runoff, and in three counties, Sadler and Yarbrough tied. Most of Sadler's support came from the metro counties of Dallas, Harris, Bexar, Tarrant and Travis, where he received a total of 68,611 votes, or 46.1 percent of his votes overall. In Travis County, Sadler took in five votes for every one vote cast for Yarbrough.

Use the pulldown menu to choose the Republican or the Democratic map. Move your cursor over a county, and the actual vote counts and percentages will appear in the box on the upper right. Reference the legend in the bottom right corner of the map to see what each county's shading represents.

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Hover over a county
Republican Party Results
CandidateVotesPercent of Vote
Ted Cruz----
David Dewhurst----
Democratic Party Results
CandidateVotesPercent of Vote
Paul Sadler----
Grady Yarbrough----
County by County Results
Cruz Victory
Dewhurst Victory
Tie Vote
No Votes Cast