Stiles Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Winfred Jerome Johnson 54 MURDER 3/30/2001 Life Harris Harris
Roderick James Henry 44 CAPITAL MURDER 2/22/2016 Life Jefferson Jefferson
Anthony Lynn Jackson 40 MURDER 1/12/2013 Life Harris Harris
James Sanders 58 MURDER 7/5/2016 Life Nacogdoches Nacogdoches
Hiram De La Cruz 39 CAPITAL MURDER 5/29/2012 Life Harris Harris
Edgar Puildo Murga 32 CAPITAL MURDER 10/27/2010 Life Dallas Dallas
Michael Dewayne Mitchell 37 MURDER 10/2/2003 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Guadalupe Flores 47 MURDER 6/25/2001 Life Dallas Dallas
Kenneth Raymond O'Brien 62 MURDER 11/15/2016 Life Blanco Travis
Ronald Brewer 45 CAP MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 4/16/2003 Life Jefferson Jefferson
David Rodriguez 35 MURDER 11/23/2016 Life Bexar Bexar
Joseph Anthony Fisher 73 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD U/14 6/26/2007 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Willie James Atkins 54 ATT SEX PERFOR CHILD FOR EMPLO 7/3/2010 Life Dallas Dallas
Dameon Charles Carter 39 CAPITAL MURDER 8/12/1998 Life Harris Harris
James Wesley Schexnider 52 CAPITAL MURDER 3/12/2003 Life Orange Orange
Jeffery Daniel Hughen 47 ATT MURDER 6/21/2007 Life Fannin Fannin
Steve Claud Ausmus 61 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 7/24/2006 Life Lamar Lamar
Yonas Telde Abraha 40 MURDER 5/9/2011 Life Tarrant Tarrant
William Henry Johnson 47 MURDER 12/18/2013 Life Webb Webb
Rafael J Faura 53 AGG SEX ASLT 7/27/2004 Life Lubbock Lubbock
Charles J Goodwin 57 ROBBERY 9/15/2016 Life Bexar Bexar
Francisco Javier Infante 35 MURDER 7/10/2008 Life Dallas Dallas
Clarence Lee Breeden 51 BURG OF A HABITATION 11/15/2012 Life DeWitt Harris
Jesus Alejandro Rodriguez 36 CAPITAL MURDER 10/22/2013 Life Cameron Cameron
Jaime Guerra 55 AGG KIDNAPPING 7/9/2001 Life Nueces Nueces
Donald George Daggett 65 AGG ASSAULT ON PEACE OFFICER 6/17/2016 Life Parker Parker
Tony Ray Johnson 45 CAPITAL MURDER 10/28/2005 Life Dallas Dallas
Lindsey D Dugar 43 AGG SEX ASLT 11/28/2016 Life Harris Harris
Eliseo Gonzales Garza 62 CAPITAL MURDER 12/15/1997 Life Bexar Bexar
Kenneth Ray Brown 60 MURDER 7/14/2016 Life Harris Harris

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