Stiles Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Everett Louis Kelley 52 THEFT $20,000-$100,000 3/8/2013 Life Jackson Tyler
Stephen Scott Mayfield 62 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 11/17/2016 Life Parker Harris
Willie James Atkins 54 ATT SEX PERFOR CHILD FOR EMPLO 7/3/2010 Life Dallas Dallas
Jerry Collins 59 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 12/27/2016 Life Grayson Tarrant
Cecil Henderson 34 CAPITAL MURDER 6/8/2005 Life Harris Harris
Ronald Keith Hammond 51 AGG SEX ASLT CHLD U/14 1/10/2012 Life Dallas Dallas
Stephen Primrose, Jr 52 CAPITAL MURDER 1/28/1999 Life Denton Dallas
Jermaine Charles Maten 43 CAPITAL MURDER 2/9/2003 Life Harris Harris
Russell Norman Olstad, Jr. 52 MURDER 3/2/2015 Life Jefferson Jefferson
Myrtius Goffe Williams 43 AGG SEX ASLT 4/30/1997 Life Fort Bend Fort Bend
Terry Lynn Nave 35 CAPITAL MURDER 7/22/1999 Life Grayson Grayson
Adan Moreno, Jr 45 AGG SEX/ASSLT/REPEAT FEL OFFEN 12/22/2005 Life San Patricio San Patricio
Peter James Martin 53 TAMPER W/PHY EVID 4/9/2013 Life Montgomery Montgomery
Yonas Telde Abraha 40 MURDER 5/9/2011 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Travis Terrell Lyons 29 CAPITAL MURDER 2/14/2012 Life Harris Harris
Hal Vernon Parfait 61 ATT SEX ASLT OF A CHILD 7/1/2014 Life Brazos Brazos
Courtney Oneal Shepherd 34 MURDER 7/2/2013 Life Harris Harris
Jose Valentine Noriega 40 MURDER 6/14/2016 Life Harris Harris
Gilbert Navarro 47 AGG SEXUAL ASLT OF CHILD 2/10/2017 Life Guadalupe Guadalupe
Gary Linzell Briggs 55 AGG ROBBERY 2/19/2016 Life Dallas Dallas
Donald Ray Caldwell 59 INDEC W/CHILD 2/16/2014 Life Williamson Williamson
Garth Adam Claytor 33 MURDER 3/29/2017 Life Grayson Grayson
Laurin Stuart Laney 59 POSS CHILD PORNOGRAPHY 6/24/2004 Life Harris Harris
Jeffery Daniel Hughen 48 ATT MURDER 6/21/2007 Life Fannin Fannin
Anthony Dwayne Rideau 43 MURDER 11/14/2016 Life Montgomery Harris
Richard Cecil Dusek 56 POSS OF C/S METHAMPHETAMINE 10/22/2015 Life Collin Harris
Lloyd Anthony Nelson 27 AGG SEX ASLT 5/18/2016 Life Milam Milam
Dennis Keith Moore 60 CAPITAL MURDER 6/9/2009 Life Dallas Dallas
Jessie Leonard Mccord 54 MURDER 9/8/2009 Life Brown Brown
Essie D Hopkins 33 AGG ROBBERY 3/19/2014 Life Dallas Dallas

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