Stiles Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Edward Brian Capetillo 39 CAPITAL MURDER 6/25/2005 Life Harris Harris
Johnny Enrique Young 63 ATT AGG SEX ASLT 8/15/2011 Life Dallas Dallas
Robert Andrado Hernandez 62 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 4/4/2007 Life Harris Harris
Raymond Howard Payne 52 MURDER 10/2/2015 Life Harris Harris
Edward Lee Rouse, Jr. 46 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 6/30/1989 Life Liberty Liberty
John Lee Newman 48 CAPITAL MURDER 5/6/2009 Life Smith Smith
Lawrence Pena 55 MURDER 10/8/2010 Life Bexar Bexar
Jaime Guerra 54 AGG KIDNAPPING 7/9/2001 Life Nueces Nueces
Roosevelt Beasley 46 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 9/22/1992 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Justin Glen Mctier 34 MURDER 7/8/2008 Life Harris Harris
David Lynn Huffman 59 MURDER 2/24/1997 Life Jones Jones
Emmanuel Von Allen Evans 30 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD U/14 3/6/2016 Life Harris Harris
Samuel Joel Esparza 31 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 5/20/2016 Life Smith Leon
James Wesley Register, Jr. 62 AGG SEX ASLT OF A CHILD 11/19/1999 Life Denton Denton
Kenneth Wayne Colbert 38 AGG KIDNAPPING 9/2/1999 Life Harris Harris
Michael Highfill 41 CAPITAL MURDER 6/16/2000 Life Travis Travis
Cyrus W. Moore 60 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 10/6/2005 Life Harris Harris
Ahmed Vashun Johnson 39 MURDER 8/18/2000 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Anthony Elias Lupian 27 AGG ROBBERY 12/22/2011 Life Cooke Cooke
Jose Antonio Gurrola 50 MANSLAUGHTER 4/11/2016 Life Dallas Dallas
Michael Dwayne Mott 47 THEFT PROP $750-$20,000 8/28/2015 Life Dallas Dallas
Marion Robinson 55 AGG ROBBERY 3/4/2014 Life Harris Harris
Pedro Beltran Batalla 62 INDECENCY CHILD TOUCHING GENIT 10/30/2013 Life Harris Harris
Isiah Ned Hill 68 AGGR ROB 7/10/2008 Life Brown Travis
James Richard Harris 62 MURDER 10/18/2008 Life Dallas Dallas
Tommy Neal Haynes 62 ATT MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 6/22/1989 Life Nueces Nueces
Charles Johnson 53 ROBBERY 11/14/2006 Life Lubbock Lubbock
Manuel Simon Pena 39 CONT SEX ABUSE YOUNG CHILD 6/9/2014 Life Victoria Victoria
Donald Ray Yount 62 AGG SEX ASLT 1/21/2015 Life Williamson Williamson
Willie Koehler 72 AGG SEX ASLT 10/8/2013 Life Brazoria Brazoria

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