Stiles Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Jaray Henderson 38 CAPITAL MURDER 10/23/2002 Life Harris Harris
Michael Moore 28 MURDER 9/15/2017 Life Bowie Bowie
Jose Guadalupe Ramos 66 AGG SEXUAL ASLT OF CHILD 2/9/2016 Life Harris Harris
John Allen Phillips 75 MURDER 8/2/2016 Life Hale Hale
Dennis Ray Driver 37 MURDER 7/23/2008 Life Harris Harris
Miguel Pineda 48 CAPITAL MURDER 9/14/2005 Life Harris
James Curbow 43 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 6/8/2006 Life Burnet Burnet
Christopher Demond Houston 34 CAPITAL MURDER 5/24/2004 Life Dallas Dallas
Gene Everett Moore 84 AGG SEXUAL ASLT 8/15/2008 Life Gregg Gregg
Chris Sanchez 56 MURDER 6/2/2014 Life El Paso El Paso
Anthony Elias Lupian 28 AGG ROBBERY 12/22/2011 Life Cooke Cooke
Abdul Rahman 65 THEFT OVER 200 PRIOR 11/28/2017 Life Dallas Dallas
Dennis Dean Harrison 59 MURDER 10/28/2003 Life Wood Wood
James Wesley Schexnider 53 CAPITAL MURDER 3/12/2003 Life Orange Orange
Richard Ray Grubbs 46 CAPITAL MURDER 1/18/2002 Life Bexar Bexar
Aaron Rene Glasspoole 39 AGG ROBBERY 12/30/2015 Life Wichita Wichita
Gary Linzell Briggs 56 AGG ROBBERY 7/31/2017 Life Dallas Dallas
Bobby Gene Martin 67 RETALIATION 4/20/2015 Life Montgomery Harris
Paul Wilbur Lay 58 CAPT MURDER 12/20/2017 Life Hunt Travis
Robert Earl Scott 67 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 10/2/1985 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Samuel Wade Henderson 54 BURG WIT COMM SEX ASLT 11/17/2011 Life Harris Harris
Joe Gene King 68 AGG ROBBERY W/DEAD WPN 1/2/1989 Life Dallas Dallas
Roderick James Henry 45 CAPITAL MURDER 2/22/2016 Life Jefferson Jefferson
Thein Naing 39 MURDER 8/29/2006 Life Potter Potter
Juan Jose Delgado 62 INDECENCY W/CHILD TOUCH 4/27/2017 Life Nueces Nueces
Ruben Herrera 39 CAPITAL MURDER 3/8/2005 Life Harris Harris
Johnny Ervin Choice 64 BURG MTR VEH 8/26/2014 Life Dallas Dallas
William Len Rainey 43 INDEC W/CHILD SEX CONTACT 10/28/2013 Life Eastland Eastland
Hung Le 55 AGG ASLT AGAINST PUB SERV 12/29/2017 Life Harris Harris
Ronald W Johnson 60 MURDER 5/11/2012 Life Kerr Kendall

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