Stiles Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Jose Angel Ramirez 63 MURDER 10/22/2016 Life Bexar Bexar
Francisco Javier Infante 35 MURDER 7/10/2008 Life Dallas Dallas
Everett Louis Kelley 52 THEFT $20,000-$100,000 3/8/2013 Life Jackson Tyler
Christopher Romero 41 AGG ROBBERY 12/6/2016 Life Victoria Victoria
Paul John Martinez 40 AGG SEXUAL ASLT/CHILD 3/3/2015 Life Randall Potter
Timothy Wayne Ebert 51 MURDER 2/27/2008 Life Liberty Liberty
Jessey Omega Dement 52 AGG SEX ASLT 4/20/2016 Life Waller Waller
David Rodriguez 35 MURDER 11/23/2016 Life Bexar Bexar
Bernardist Dovote Lee 41 MURDER 11/22/2016 Life Dallas Dallas
Danny Aguilar 37 MURDER 6/7/2011 Life Harris Harris
Tarrick Devone Jefferson 37 MURDER 11/16/2009 Life Fort Bend Harris
Frank Dale Digges 60 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 4/13/2004 Life Harris Montgomery
Tommie Ray Chatton 57 AGG ROBBERY 7/21/2010 Life Dallas Tarrant
Clinton H Smith 51 AGG SEXUAL ASSLT-CHILD-UNDER 1 12/13/2011 Life Harris Harris
J B Harrell, Jr 42 INJURY TO CHILD 4/21/2003 Life Brown Brown
Adan Moreno, Jr 45 AGG SEX/ASSLT/REPEAT FEL OFFEN 12/22/2005 Life San Patricio San Patricio
Gary Dean Hoelscher 61 MURDER 12/6/2010 Life Fayette Fayette
Donald Ray Caldwell 59 INDEC W/CHILD 2/16/2014 Life Williamson Williamson
James R Thompson 50 MURDER 6/3/2010 Life Harris Harris
Darrell Carlin Ferguson 52 CONTINUOUS SEX ABUSE YOUNG CHI 9/23/2013 Life Navarro Navarro
Laurin Stuart Laney 59 POSS CHILD PORNOGRAPHY 6/24/2004 Life Harris Harris
Hiram De La Cruz 39 CAPITAL MURDER 5/29/2012 Life Harris Harris
Rodney Charles Rachal 47 CAPITAL MURDER 6/21/2013 Life Harris Harris
Kenneth Lee Hawkins 56 SEX ASLT CHILD 14-17 11/15/2016 Life Harris Harris
Lloyd Anthony Nelson 27 AGG SEX ASLT 5/18/2016 Life Milam Milam
Terry Stuart Johnson 54 CAPITAL MURDER 8/7/2012 Life Harris Harris
Edwin Craig Volcik 47 AGG SEXUAL ASLT CHILD 2/3/2017 Life Harrison Harrison
Donald George Daggett 65 AGG ASSAULT ON PEACE OFFICER 6/17/2016 Life Parker Parker
Cecil Henderson 34 CAPITAL MURDER 6/8/2005 Life Harris Harris
John Fitzgerald Hawkins 49 AGG ROBBERY 5/26/2010 Life Orange

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