Stiles Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Rafael Orta, Jr 27 CAPITAL MURDER 9/26/2016 Life Without Parole Angelina Angelina
Joe Nathan Sanders, Jr 45 CAPITAL MURDER 10/3/2007 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Ismael Gonzalez, Jr 36 CAPITAL MURDER 9/10/2018 Life Without Parole Jim Wells Jim Wells
Kenneth Dewayne Nelson 65 CONT TRAFFICKING OF PERSONS 8/3/2018 Life Bowie Bowie
David Segura 57 MURDER W/DEAD WEAPON 3/24/2015 Life Harris Harris
Lloyd Anthony Nelson 29 AGG SEX ASLT 5/18/2016 Life Milam Milam
Antonio Ovalle 58 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 2/3/1993 Life Bexar Bexar
Jermaine Charles Maten 45 CAPITAL MURDER 3/30/2018 Life Harris Harris
Michael Gregory Salinas 43 MURDER 12/20/1994 Life Harris Harris
Aubrey Contrail Sherfield 38 MURDER 6/17/1999 Life Grayson Grayson
Michael Jacques 42 CAPITAL MURDER 10/20/2015 Life Bexar El Paso
Jesus Alejandro Rodriguez 39 CAPITAL MURDER 10/22/2013 Life Cameron Cameron
Usvaldo Fernandez 66 DWI 6/10/2016 Life Haskell Haskell
O. D. Jackson 62 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 2/26/1992 Life Dallas Dallas
Edward Lee Rouse, Jr. 49 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 6/30/1989 Life Liberty Liberty
Larry Glen Johnson 64 CAPITAL MURDER 2/10/2015 Life Williamson Williamson
Christopher L Smith 53 SEX ASLT 6/26/2019 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Johnny Green, Jr 39 MURDER 5/4/2018 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Robert Mitchell Alexander 67 MURDER 10/8/2009 Life Harris Harris
Damien Lamont Alcorn 38 CAPITAL MURDER 12/29/2005 Life Harris Harris
Edward Alexis Wright 48 MURDER 4/25/2018 Life Dallas Dallas
Nathan E Hvamstad 71 AGG SEXUAL ASLT OF A CHILD 11/1/2016 Life Hardin Hardin
Steven Edward Johnson 51 INDEC W/A CHILD-CONTACT 10/20/2018 Life Tarrant Tarrant
James Frederick Hargett 46 MURDER 11/16/2016 Life Harris Harris
Saul Arroyo 38 MURDER 3/5/2010 Life Smith Smith
Thein Naing 41 MURDER 8/29/2006 Life Potter Potter
Abdul Rahman 66 THEFT OVER 200 PRIOR 6/21/2019 Life Dallas Dallas
Randy Pennington 48 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 3/29/2000 Life Rusk Rusk
Paul Lee Mickens 63 AGG SEXUAL ASSAULT 5/1/2016 Life Harris Harris
Harold Leon Jones 55 INDECENCY W/CHILD CONT 5/21/2019 Life Navarro Navarro