Robertson Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Juan Guillen 69 ATTEMPTED CAPITAL MURDER 11/13/2014 Life Bexar Bexar
Robert C Jordan 32 CAPITAL MURDER 2/14/2007 Life Harris Harris
Robert Drew Stephenson 55 AGG KIDNAPPING 8/26/2015 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Eric Gueda 37 MURDER 11/3/2006 Life Travis Travis
Ruben Cazares 42 MURDER 11/10/2015 Life El Paso El Paso
Oswaldo Regalado Soriano 42 CAPITAL MURDER 6/28/2005 Life Randall Gray
Ernest Casias 51 CAPITAL MURDER 4/16/2014 Life Hale Hale
Johnny Ray Ocon 56 AGG SEXUAL ASLT CHILD 11/17/2006 Life Ector Ector
Robert Lee Whitaker 39 CAP MURDER 4/28/2014 Life Tarrant Tarrant
James Dwayne Crowley 49 AGG ROBBERY 4/25/2017 Life Montgomery Montgomery
Jose Reyes 20 CAPITAL MURDER 6/23/2015 Life Harris Galveston
Shawn Shaffer Baxter 34 AGG SEX ASSLT CHILD 12/1/2014 Life Roberts Hemphill
Anthony Benard Bean 37 AGG ROBBERY 8/29/2000 Life Harris Harris
Antoine Lamont Smith 35 MURDER 9/22/2008 Life Dallas Dallas
Markeas Fitzgerald Shavers 50 MURDER 1/28/1993 Life Dallas Dallas
Ramiro Chavira 39 ATT CAPITAL MURDER 1/22/2016 Life Lamb Hale
Jimmy Earl Van-Cleave 48 AGG KIDNAPPING 7/2/2014 Life Harris Harris
Eric Michael White 35 INJ CHILD W/I CAUSE B/I 2/9/2009 Life Bell Bell
Michael E "Gibson" Harbert 34 MURDER 8/14/2011 Life Howard Howard
Johnny Lee Rey 44 CAPITAL MURDER 1/31/1997 Life Randall Potter
Jared Len Cruse 25 AGG SEXUAL ASSLT OF CHILD 12/12/2012 Life Liberty Liberty
Raymundo Leyva, Jr 48 CAPITAL MURDER 6/1/1999 Life Hale Hale
James Richard Thompson, III 27 MURDER 4/16/2015 Life Travis Travis
Mark Ashley White 39 MURDER 3/26/2014 Life Van Zandt Van Zandt
Edmond Washington 37 ATT CAP MURDER 3/3/2000 Life Dallas Dallas
Patrick Teruyoshi White 45 MURDER 11/17/1999 Life Harris Harris
Lonnie Black 43 ROBBERY 7/25/2007 Life Lubbock El Paso
Albert Hernandez Contreras 58 CAP MURDER 7/31/2001 Life Reeves Reeves
Shannon Lee White 49 AGG ROB SBI W/DEAD WPN 1/6/1987 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Roy Gene Sneed 64 ATT CAP MURDER 11/23/2016 Life Ector Taylor

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