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Polunsky Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Joel Escobedo 58 CAPITAL MURDER(DEATH) 4/24/2019 Death Harris Harris
Tyrone Cade 47 CAPITAL MURDER MULTIPLE (DEATH 3/23/2017 Death Dallas Dallas
Gerald Edward Marshall 38 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 1/26/2005 Death Harris Harris
Gerald Cornelius Eldridge 56 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 5/30/2012 Death Harris Harris
Juan Ramon Meza Segundo 57 CAPITAL MURDER 12/15/2009 Death Tarrant Tarrant
Terence Tramaine Andrus 32 CAPITAL MURDER(DEATH) 8/1/2017 Death Fort Bend Harris
Harlem Harold Lewis, III 29 CAPITAL MURDER(MULT MURD)(DEAT 8/1/2014 Death Harris Harris
David Lee Lewis 55 CAPITAL MURDER(DEATH) 6/2/2006 Death Angelina Angelina
Juan Lizcano 43 CAPITAL MURDER/PO(DEATH) 4/23/2019 Death Dallas Dallas
Howard Wayne Lewis 52 CAPITAL MURDER PERSON U/10 YOA 11/9/2018 Death Walker Dallas
Ker'sean Olajuwa Ramey 35 CAPITAL MURDER 1/31/2007 Death Jackson Jackson
Paul Gilbert Devoe 56 CAPITAL MURDER(DEATH) 8/13/2017 Death Travis Burnet
Richard Vasquez 41 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 7/29/2019 Death Nueces Nueces
Guy Allen 57 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 3/25/2004 Death Travis Travis
Arthur Lee Burton 50 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 9/30/2002 Death Harris Harris
Joseph Francois Jean 48 CAPT MURDER(MULTI MURDER)(DEAT 3/23/2020 Death Harris Harris
Dillion Gage Compton 26 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 11/7/2018 Death Jones Dallas
Edward Lee Busby, Jr 48 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 1/6/2020 Death Tarrant Tarrant
Carlos Manuel Ayestas 51 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 9/17/1997 Death Harris Harris
Anibal Canales 55 CAPITAL MURDER "DEATH" 12/22/2019 Death Bowie Nueces
Armando Leza 43 CAPITAL MURDER(DEATH) 10/29/2015 Death Bexar Bexar
Steven Anthony Butler 58 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 12/19/2006 Death Harris Harris
Joe Franco Garza, Jr 48 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 8/18/2010 Death Lubbock Dallas
Jeffery Keith Prevost 61 CAPITAL MURDER(DEATH) 4/16/2014 Death Harris Harris
James Calvert 49 CAPITAL MURDER(DEATH) 10/12/2018 Death Smith Smith
Ronald Jeffery Prible, Jr 48 CAPITAL MURDER 5/2/2019 Death Harris Harris
Humberto Garza 46 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 9/3/2014 Death Hidalgo Hidalgo
Ivan Abner Cantu 47 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 2/14/2020 Death Collin Dallas
John Ray Falk, Jr 53 CAPITAL MURDER 8/29/2019 Death Walker Matagorda
Anthony Quinn Francois 52 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 3/29/2020 Death Harris Harris