Pack Unit

Address 2400 Wallace Pack Road, Navasota, TX 77868
Unit Type Prison
Inmates 1436
TDCJ Web Page Pack Unit (P1)


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Demontre Sherrod Thompson 28 7/25/2016 Harris
Paul Mayo 49 CONT SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILD 8/14/2015 Life Without Parole McLennan Harris
Royce Clyde Zeigler, II 35 CAPITAL MURDER 11/23/2009 Life Without Parole Galveston Harris
Bobby Gene Martin 67 RETALIATION 4/20/2015 Life Montgomery Harris
Jesse Prather 51 POSS W/INT DEL COCAINE 4-200G 2/22/2018 Life Harris Harris
Dale Ellis Abshire 74 AGG SEX ASLT 1/12/2000 Life Newton Newton
Douglas Donald Hall 79 INDECENCY W/CHILD-CONTACT 10/4/2017 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Richard Elvin King 71 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 6/19/2017 Life Angelina Nacogdoches
Terry Clayton Huckaby 66 INDECENCY W/CHILD 8/13/2012 Life Harris
Michael Aaron Shaw 57 AGG SEXUAL ASLT 4/1/2017 Life Gregg Gregg
Isabel Flores 81 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 6/5/2017 Life Nueces Nueces
Edward Eldon Corley 73 MURDER 1/5/2017 Life Rusk Gregg
Lamont Jerrold Profitte 39 CAP MURDER 8/11/1998 Life Harris Harris
Gene Everett Moore 85 AGG SEXUAL ASLT 8/15/2008 Life Gregg Gregg
John Regoean King 64 AGG SEX ASLT DEADLY WPN 2/8/2016 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Theran Eugene Reese 48 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 10/13/2015 Life Harris Harris
Joe Gene King 69 AGG ROBBERY W/DEAD WPN 1/2/1989 Life Dallas Dallas
Thomas Ray Pennington 53 DEL OF COCAINE 5/18/2018 Life Harris Harris
Herbert Darrell Hay 71 MURDER 12/13/2007 Life Kendall Harris
Charles Ray Bailey 62 ATT CAP MUR W/DEADLY WPN 10/25/2011 Life Rockwall Dallas
Gustavo A Mendizabal 66 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 10/21/2014 Life Jasper Harris
Douglas Collins 60 AGGRV RAPE OF CHILD W/FIR 5/29/2015 Life Harris Harris
Lynzie D. Templeton 62 AGG ASLT 3/25/1997 Life Gregg Gregg
Clarence Edward Adams 65 AGGRV ROBBERY 2/23/2004 Life Dallas Bexar
William Carman, Jr. 53 MURDER W/DEADLY WEAPON 2/17/2017 Life Dallam Dallam
Ramon P Cabrera 65 MURDER 6/19/2017 Life Nueces Nueces
Clifton Eugene Ruckman 54 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 11/12/1999 Life Wood Wood
Donald R Frank 67 MURD W/MAL 4/29/2010 Life Harris Harris
Elmer Darcell Earl 55 INDECENCY W/CHILD 2/9/2017 Life Williamson Williamson
Antonio Madrid 77 CAP MURDER 12/5/1989 Life El Paso El Paso

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