Pack Unit

Address 2400 Wallace Pack Road, Navasota, TX 77868
Unit Type Prison
Inmates 1457
TDCJ Web Page Pack Unit (P1)


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Royce Clyde Zeigler, II 35 CAPITAL MURDER 11/23/2009 Life Without Parole Galveston Harris
Paul Mayo 50 CONT SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILD 8/14/2015 Life Without Parole McLennan Harris
Abey Belette Girma 43 CAPITAL MURDER-MULTIPLE 4/1/2018 Life Without Parole Dallas Dallas
Juan Reyes, Jr 47 CAPITAL MURDER 9/27/2018 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Antonio Madrid 78 CAP MURDER 12/5/1989 Life El Paso El Paso
Jose Guadalupe Ramos 67 AGG SEXUAL ASLT OF CHILD 2/9/2016 Life Harris Harris
Joe Rogers Parker 71 AGG SEX ASLT-CHILD 10/19/2018 Life Harris Harris
Donald R Frank 67 MURD W/MAL 4/29/2010 Life Harris Harris
Allan Hardaway 67 MURDER 6/22/2005 Life Nueces Nueces
Gerald Tyrone Turner 72 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 9/17/2018 Life Rockwall Rockwall
Jerry Don Anderson 83 MURD W/MAL 8/22/2017 Life Tarrant Dallas
Charles Edward Hart 70 BURG HABITATION 5/15/2014 Life Dallas Dallas
Stephen Delano Glunt 75 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 8/15/2018 Life Harris Harris
Lester Dion Ross 53 AGG ROBBERY W/DDLY WPN 4/1/1999 Life Travis Travis
Steven Arlie Creech 61 AGGRV RAPE W/DEADLY WPN 12/22/2018 Life Harris Harris
James Daniel Swarthout 41 CAPITAL MURDER 1/26/2010 Life Harris Harris
Michael Aaron Shaw 57 AGG SEXUAL ASLT 4/1/2017 Life Gregg Gregg
Jerry Wayne Hill 63 MURDER 3/26/2018 Life Dallas Dallas
Ronald L Barlow 73 MURD W/MAL 4/16/2016 Life San Saba Jefferson
Christopher Warren Sharp 52 AGG SEX ASLT OF CHILD 7/6/2018 Life Harris Harris
Andrew Lee Gray 73 AGG ASLT PUBLIC SERVANT DDLY/W 2/23/2007 Life Cass Cass
Buster Sargent 68 AGG SEX ASLT/CHILD 1/13/2013 Life Travis Bowie
Lynzie D. Templeton 63 AGG ASLT 3/25/1997 Life Gregg Gregg
Marvin Charles Hargrow 70 BURG OF HABIT HABITUAL 9/26/2013 Life Travis Bastrop
Shannon Mark Douthit 54 CAP MUR 6/2/1987 Life Presidio Presidio
James Edward Zundel 66 UNAUTHORIZED USE OF MTR V 10/7/2018 Life Dallas Dallas
Clifton Currie 68 MURDER W/MALICE 5/31/2011 Life Dallas Dallas
Lamont Jerrold Profitte 40 CAP MURDER 8/11/1998 Life Harris Harris
Ramon P Cabrera 66 MURDER 6/19/2017 Life Nueces Nueces
Melvin Bradley 45 CAPITAL MURDER 5/17/2016 Life McLennan McLennan

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