Murray Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Monica Lyn Hill 40 CAPITAL MURDER 5/13/2015 Life Grayson Grayson
Latonya Michaele Williams 48 CAPITAL MURDER 11/21/2000 Life Dallas Dallas
Shanon Oneal 58 MURDER 6/24/2009 Life Anderson Anderson
Jennifer Simpson 33 MURDER 8/27/2003 Life Anderson Anderson
Sheila Royster 47 CAPITAL MURDER FOR HIRE W/DW 5/4/1994 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Luz Maria Rodriguez Cisneros 48 MURDER W/DEAD WPN 7/11/1994 Life El Paso El Paso
Sandra Laticia Madrid 40 INJURY TO CHILD 6/27/2007 Life Upton Reeves
Sydney Renee Matisee Villa 50 MURDER 6/2/2009 Life Dallas Dallas
Carmen Mejia 45 INJURY TO A CHILD BY OMISSION 11/2/2009 Life Travis Travis
Julie Cameron 67 MURDER 6/8/2016 Life Smith Smith
Celeste Beard Johnson 53 CAPITAL MURDER 9/10/2004 Life Travis Travis
Carla Gautney 57 MURDER 12/18/1990 Life Cass Titus
Kenisha Berry 43 CAPITAL MURDER(LIFE) 5/5/2008 Life Jefferson Jefferson
Vickie Walker Murphy 65 MURDER W/DEAD WPN 3/9/1995 Life Wood Wood
Tammy Rose Wiggins 39 CAPITAL MURDER 8/17/2011 Life Marion
Elizabeth Alvarez 73 MURDER W/DEAD WPN 11/15/2011 Life Travis Travis
Sonya Amador 31 MURDER 12/18/2012 Life Harris Harris
Lovie Denise Smith 38 CAPITAL MURDER 1/22/2008 Life Harris Harris
Robyn Brookshire 54 MURDER 11/12/2007 Life Potter Potter
Loretta Vernege 43 MURDER 12/27/2005 Life Harris Harris
Tamica Raychell Brown 40 INJURY TO A CHILD Y/14 SBI 11/12/2002 Life Dallas Dallas
Cynthia Louise White 54 MURDER 8/21/2015 Life Denton Dallas
Tamina Denise Hamid 36 AGG ROBBERY 10/20/2008 Life Fort Bend Harris
Veta Monique Robinson 26 MURDER 5/12/2009 Life Lamar Lamar
Marcella L Williams 35 CAPITAL MURDER 10/18/2006 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Joanne Margarita Jeanis 46 CAP MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 8/19/1993 Life Collin Dallas
Virginia Vardeman Forrest 71 CAP MURDER 11/25/2006 Life Angelina Angelina
Cindy Ann Mendoza 47 MURDER 7/6/2005 Life Hays Hays
Pamela Perillo 61 AGG ROBBERY 8/16/2002 Life Harris Harris
Neva Jane Gonzales 47 MURDER 10/7/2016 Life Harris Harris

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