Jester III Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Roger Reyes 51 CONTINUOUS SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHI 10/12/2019 Life Without Parole Hays Hays
Roosevelt Smith, Jr 58 CAPITAL MURDER 1/11/2013 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Carl Wade Pressley 36 CAPITAL MURDER 12/6/2018 Life Without Parole San Saba Leon
Jason Wade Pruitt 46 CONTINUOUS SEX ASLT CHILD 11/7/2017 Life Without Parole Coryell Coryell
Richard R Ramirez 52 CAPITAL MURDER 11/4/2019 Life Without Parole Lubbock Lubbock
Dennis Antoine Andrus 36 CAPITAL MURDER 1/26/2011 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Todd Peck 53 CONT SEX ABUSE CHILD U/14Y 11/25/2019 Life Without Parole Bowie Harris
Justin Daren Buxton 43 CONTINUE SEX ABUSE CHILD 7/8/2019 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Tommy George Dooley 56 CAP MURDER 6/8/2016 Life Without Parole Hood Hood
Armando Hernandez 73 CONT SEX ABUSE YOUNG CHILD 11/18/2018 Life Without Parole Hays Hays
Bobby Moreno 52 SUPER AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 2/9/2019 Life Without Parole Bexar Bexar
Byron Trent Bayer 54 CAPITAL MURDER 5/9/2016 Life Hunt Hunt
Toby Wayne Zimmerman 60 DWI 10/10/2019 Life Parker Parker
Thomas Frederick Bonner 60 POSS C/S METH W/I TO MFG 3/2/2018 Life Wood Dallas
Paul Woodward 69 DEADLY ASLT ON COURT PARTICIPA 2/9/2012 Life Travis Smith
Bobby Darrell Dykes 59 BURG HABIT 8/14/2019 Life Smith Smith
Jerry Johnson 57 SEX ASLT - CHILD VIC 8/19/2019 Life Bowie Bowie
Joe Rogers Parker 72 AGG SEX ASLT-CHILD 3/12/2020 Life Harris Harris
Jose Garcia Briseno 63 CAPITAL MURDER 1/29/2019 Life Webb Dimmit
Dean Alan Hernandez 64 MURDER 10/21/1983 Life Jefferson Jefferson
Kenneth Taylor 53 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD UNDER 14 6/25/2015 Life Cass Cass
Joe Torres Feijoo 60 ATT HOMICIDE/MURDER 8/3/2018 Life El Paso El Paso
Lawrence Brackens, Jr 49 AGG SEX ASLT 5/14/2019 Life Potter Potter
Rogelio Cantu, Jr. 68 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 5/24/2019 Life Guadalupe Guadalupe
David Wayne Huddleston 73 INDEC W/CHILD 6/12/2018 Life Denton Denton
Manuel Lee Huff 72 MURDER 3/28/2016 Life Harris Harris
Lorse Larue Gainous 66 AGGRV ROBBERY 5/13/2014 Life Dallas Dallas
Edward Chandler Hughes, Jr 74 MURDER W/MALICE 4/29/2016 Life Dallas Dallas
Tommy Dominguez 68 CAPITAL MURDER 3/1/2018 Life Potter Gray
James Howard Mcjunkins 62 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 1/18/2020 Life Navarro Navarro