Jester III Unit

Address 3 Jester Rd., Richmond, TX 77406
Unit Type Prison
Inmates 1062
TDCJ Web Page Jester III Unit (J3)


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Roger Michael Shorey 56 10/9/2013 Bell
Paul Vincent Pina 55 4/18/2016 Waller
James Daniel Jordan 46 7/3/2014 Harris
Dennis Antoine Andrus 34 CAPITAL MURDER 1/26/2011 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Jason Wade Pruitt 43 CONTINUOUS SEX ASLT CHILD 7/27/2016 Life Without Parole Coryell Coryell
Tommy George Dooley 54 CAP MURDER 6/8/2016 Life Without Parole Hood Hood
Oscar Garcia Lopez 66 AGG ROBBERY W/DW 2/6/2017 Life Bexar Tarrant
Steven Hamilton 42 CAP MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 6/15/2007 Life Bexar Bexar
Alberto Marin 53 AGG SEX ASSLT OF CHILD 4/11/2017 Life El Paso El Paso
David Brian Morphis 60 AGG SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD 4/28/2017 Life Collin Collin
Richard Jaxson 67 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 12/7/2016 Life Lubbock Lubbock
Harold Ven-Noy Davis 61 AGG SEX ASLT 12/16/2008 Life Calhoun Calhoun
Willard Lee Jackson 72 ATT AGG KIDNAPPING 6/22/2000 Life Wichita Wichita
Lorse Larue Gainous 64 AGGRV ROBBERY 5/13/2014 Life Dallas Dallas
John Charles Naef 76 CAPITAL MURDER 5/29/1998 Life Comal Bexar
Julian Hall 42 CAP MURDER 6/25/2004 Life Harris Harris
Paul Woodward 66 DEADLY ASLT ON COURT PARTICIPA 2/9/2012 Life Travis Smith
Johnathan Fitzgerald Bolden 42 CAPITAL MURDER 2/18/2017 Life Harris Harris
Otis Frank Terry 47 CAPITAL MURDER 7/23/1999 Life Dallas Dallas
Floyd Edward Young 68 AGGR ROBBERY HABITUAL 6/25/2017 Life Wichita Wichita
David James Mizell 57 AGG SEX ASLT 3/29/2015 Life Harris Harris
Ardis Jerome Thompson 43 AGG ROBBERY 3/26/2017 Life Dallas Dallas
Larry Lee Dieken 52 AGG ASLT SBI DW 2/15/2013 Life Guadalupe Guadalupe
Marcos Gutierrez 50 MURDER 4/3/2017 Life Guadalupe Guadalupe
Anthony Joseph Miller 74 MURDER 3/11/2017 Life Smith Smith
James Edward Rogers, Jr 66 POSS CS PG 1 >=4G<200G 4/28/2017 Life Hunt Hunt
Lillion Dick Cruse 73 AGG ROBBERY 4/27/2015 Life Lubbock Lubbock
Allen Dewitt Sipsey 70 AGG SEXUAL ASSLT 9/26/2008 Life Harris Harris
Dennis Franklin Cooley 64 AGG ROB W/DEADLY WPN 5/14/2014 Life Harris Harris
Eric Lynn Moore 50 CAPITAL MURDER 4/7/2017 Life Collin Collin

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