Hughes Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
William Jack Hammett 69 CAPITAL MURDER 10/23/1981 Life Brazoria Harris
Mike Gonzales Hernandez 55 AGG SEX ASLT 3/22/2016 Life Bexar Bexar
John William Howe 44 CAP MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 9/6/1994 Life Grayson Grayson
Robert Watt 40 CAPITAL MURDER 5/13/2002 Life Travis Travis
Patrick Anthony Roeder 46 INJURY TO CHILD 11/22/2000 Life Guadalupe Bexar
Earl D. Ponder 52 AGG SEX ASLT 6/28/1985 Life Williamson Williamson
Sharlond Fennell 37 CAPITAL MURDER 1/9/2014 Life Travis Caldwell
Waymon Lee Jackson 61 CAP MURDER 8/1/2011 Life Navarro Henderson
Michael Shivers 50 MURDER 2/4/2004 Life Lubbock Lubbock
Jesse Glen Sanchez 22 AGG ROBBERY 11/1/2016 Life Dallas Dallas
Charles Edward Gilbert 55 AGG SEXUAL ASSLT OF CHILD U/14 3/4/2016 Life Harris Harris
Derrick Deshaun Comer 37 CAPITAL MURDER 6/25/2002 Life Harris Harris
Allen Keith Anderson 61 MURDER WITH DEADLY WEAPON 5/1/2012 Life Fannin Fannin
Roberto Gonzales 38 BURG HABITATION 4/25/2000 Life Harris Harris
Dion Cortez Hardimon 48 AGG SEX ASLT 3/8/2001 Life Dallas Dallas
Ivery Cedric Barnes 37 CAPITAL MURDER 7/22/2008 Life Galveston Galveston
Ulises Daniel Santos 38 CAP MURDER 8/21/1998 Life Dallas Dallas
Willie Frank Braziel 60 SEXUAL ASSAULT 4/5/1988 Life Lubbock Lubbock
Gregory Carl Green 42 SEX ASLT 6/17/2016 Life Ellis Ellis
Richard Anthony Oeffner 42 CAPITAL MURDER 9/18/1998 Life Harris Harris
Joe Welton Green 58 INDECENCY W/CHILD U/17 5/21/2003 Life Dallas Dallas
Miguel Angel Martinez 43 CAPITAL MURDER 1/20/2004 Life Webb Webb
Billy Reid 59 CAPITAL MURDER 1/11/2016 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Richard Orlando Lucio 41 MURDER 8/22/2016 Life Harris Harris
Miguel Angel Martinez 19 MURDER 4/21/2016 Life Dallas Dallas
Jason Ivar Smith 41 CAPITAL MURDER 12/14/1994 Life Harris Harris
Ramiro Vasquez, Jr. 53 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 7/19/1988 Life Cameron Cameron
Bret Orin Meek 44 MURDER 10/7/1999 Life Denton Denton
Clinton Dale Shelton 59 MURDER 1/30/2002 Life Dallas Dallas
Santiago Briceno Silva 46 MURDER 7/2/1998 Life Ellis Navarro

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