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Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Tamika Whaley Benjamin 37 CAPITAL MURDER 6/20/2016 Life Harrison Harrison
Shelly Martin 54 MURDER 3/10/1986 Life Potter Potter
Tameka Nichole Martin 32 CAPITAL MURDER U/6Y 8/22/2006 Life Harris Harris
Mary Ann Deleon 39 MURDER 3/19/1998 Life Lampasas Lampasas
Kristi Anne Koslow 41 CAPITAL MURDER 7/27/1994 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Diane Michelle Zamora 38 CAPITAL MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 7/9/2000 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Wonder May Wallace 36 INJURY TO A CHILD 2/19/2003 Life Anderson Anderson
Denise Kay Crouch 45 MURDER 8/27/2015 Life Medina Medina
Verline Hyter Luqman 64 MAN/DEL CONT SUB 7/25/2012 Life Smith Smith
Rebeca Renteria 22 INJURY TO CHILD 12/9/2015 Life Gonzales Gonzales
Deanna Shepherd 38 CAPITAL MURDER 8/8/2006 Life Angelina Angelina
Sabrina Rosas 37 INJURY TO CHILD 4/4/2000 Life Harris Harris
Barbara Elaine Jeffery 30 CAPITAL MURDER 10/30/2003 Life Gregg Titus
Latresha Denise Houston 30 MURDER 5/15/2006 Life Dallas Dallas
Ginger Marie Dorsey 43 MURDER 5/2/2007 Life Harris Harris
Claudette Regina Kibble 44 INJURY TO CHILD 11/21/2014 Life Harris Harris
Courtney Elizabeth Dunkin 37 CAPITAL MURDER 2/27/2013 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Kahtisha Mcknight 34 MURDER 3/11/2008 Life Bell Bell
Sheila Gaye Muhs 52 MURDER 6/15/2011 Life Liberty Liberty
Elizabeth Christina Pittillo 47 AGG SEXUAL ASSAULT 9/16/2015 Life McLennan
Emily Lara 43 MURDER W/DEAD WPN 7/10/2009 Life Bexar Bexar
Catrina Maldonado 39 INJURY TO CHILD 5/7/2014 Life Cooke Cooke
Rosemary Halley 53 MURDER 1/19/2010 Life Harris Harris
Ann Marie Koenig 51 AGG KIDNAPPING 12/1/2000 Life Bexar Bexar
Lauren Raychelle Kirkman 26 MURDER 10/28/2014 Life Harris Harris
Liliana Hernandez 34 MURDER 8/17/2004 Life Harris Harris
Aurora Moreno 43 CAPITAL MURDER 6/8/1995 Life Harris Harris
Thelma Maldonado 52 MURDER 5/27/2010 Life Taylor Taylor
Susana Alejandra Toledano 31 MURDER 4/30/2008 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Susan Katharine Stewart 40 AGG SEX ASLT OF CHILD 5/18/2012 Life Victoria Victoria

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