Hightower Unit

Address 902 FM 686, Dayton, TX 77535
Unit Type Prison
Inmates 1305
TDCJ Web Page Hightower Unit (HI)


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Edward House, Jr 66 AGG SEXUAL ASLT CHILD 7/5/2011 Life Smith Smith
Larry E Duby 75 AGG SEXUAL ASSLT 7/11/1997 Life Harrison Harrison
Jack Walter Kirsch 66 INDECENCY WITH CHILD HABI 7/26/2012 Life Harris Harris
Jerome Hart 56 BURG OF HABIT WIC SEXUAL ASSLT 1/17/2017 Life Harris Harris
Jerry Lynn Carter 59 BURG OF HABITATION 1/17/1980 Life Dallas Dallas
James Randolph Driggers 66 AGGRV RAPE 4/27/1983 Life Harris Harris
Joe Welton Green 60 INDECENCY W/CHILD U/17 5/21/2003 Life Dallas Dallas
Ralph Sergent 56 AGG SEX ASLT OF CHILD 11/14/1995 Life Nueces Tarrant
James Wesley Register, Jr. 64 AGG SEX ASLT OF A CHILD 11/19/1999 Life Denton Denton
Ki Allan Malone 60 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 8/31/2011 Life Moore Moore
William David Beebe 66 AGG SEX ASLT OF CHILD 6/1/1994 Life Wood Wood
Duane Leroy Brecheisen 61 AGG SEX ASLT 1/15/2018 Life El Paso El Paso
John H. Jenkins 64 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 3/21/2014 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Jimmy Lee Grady 52 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 4/24/1986 Life Dallas Dallas
Prudencio Cordova 72 RAPE BY FORCE & THREATS 4/30/2010 Life Wichita Willacy
James Ray Clayton 61 BURG HAB WIC SEX ASLT 5/7/2003 Life Lubbock Lamb
Donald Earl Bruton 56 BURG HAB W SEX AST DEAD W 9/28/1993 Life Harris Harris
Russell Lewis Stewart 54 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 11/5/2015 Life Lubbock Lubbock
Walter Douglas Clark 71 AGG KIDNAPPING 12/17/1999 Life Dallas Dallas
Robert Earl Boyd 59 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 7/2/1993 99 years Knox Knox
Jerald Dee Blair 79 AGG SEXUAL ASLT 2/25/1992 99 years Ector Ector
Tracy Nixon 53 INDEC W/CHILD 6/20/2014 99 years El Paso El Paso
Alvin Banks 78 AGG KIDNAPPING 3/20/2017 99 years Ector Ector
James Harlow Gatewood 82 AGG SEX ASLT 11/20/2002 99 years Yoakum Yoakum
David Alan Coplen 45 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 5/21/2015 95 years Dallas Dallas
Randy Nolte 63 AGG SEX ASLT OF CHILD 10/10/1991 80 years Runnels Runnels
Angel Fierro Delgado 52 AGG SEX ASLT W/DEADLY WPN 2/16/2009 75 years Tarrant Tarrant
Edward Lee Coleman 54 AGG SEX ASSLT W/DEAD WPN 6/26/2012 75 years Harris Harris
Juan Guajardo 66 AGG SEXUAL ASSAULT/CHILD 4/23/1996 75 years Travis Travis
Pedro Palomo Lucio 63 ATT SEX ASSLT 3/21/2017 70 years Hays Hays

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