Estelle Unit

Address 264 FM 3478, Huntsville, TX 77320
Unit Type Prison
Inmates 2902
TDCJ Web Page Estelle Unit (E2)


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Clarence Curtis Jordan 61 CAP MURDER (DEATH SENT) 12/29/2012 Death Harris Taylor
Anthony Bartee 60 CAPITAL MURDER (DEATH) 8/30/2014 Death Bexar Bexar
Angel Gabriel Ramos 39 CAPITAL MURDER 9/30/2014 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Devin Donell Fields 29 CAPITAL MURDER/MULTIPLE PERSON 9/24/2015 Life Without Parole Bexar Bexar
Theron Owens 56 CAPITAL MURDER MULTI 9/16/2011 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Jose Antonio Trevino 26 CAPITAL MURDER 1/20/2017 Life Without Parole Cameron Cameron
Mark Aaron Rains 31 CAPITAL MURDER BY TERROR/THREA 11/7/2016 Life Without Parole Franklin Dallas
Devon Royal Jones 31 CAPITAL MURDER 5/18/2015 Life Without Parole Randall Randall
Tomas Hernandez 30 CAPITAL MURDER/FEL/REIND 12/7/2010 Life Without Parole Dallas Dallas
Allen St Brice 40 CAPITAL MURDER (MULTI MURDER) 4/15/2016 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Johnny Llamas 38 CAPITAL MURDER 3/20/2014 Life Without Parole Bexar Bexar
Anthony Wayne Burns 47 CAPITAL MURDER 2/28/2017 Life Without Parole Washington Washington
Jerry Lynn Phelps 62 CAPITAL MURDER 6/10/2010 Life Without Parole Hunt Hunt
Johnathan Sanchez 29 CAPITAL MURDER MULTI MURDER 12/29/2015 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Brent Anderson 33 CAPITAL MURDER 1/3/2008 Life Without Parole Matagorda McLennan
Michael Kevin Sanders 47 CAPITAL MURDER 2/15/2008 Life Without Parole Wichita Wichita
Batiste Joseph Breaux, Jr 34 CAPITAL MURDER 9/8/2015 Life Without Parole Jefferson Jefferson
Isaiah Nunez 36 CAPITAL MURDER CHILD U/6 3/27/2015 Life Without Parole Dallas Dallas
Heyman Harold Guillory 41 CAPITAL MURDER 3/16/2011 Life Without Parole Jefferson
Felipe Luna 36 CAPITAL MURDER 2/24/2014 Life Without Parole Dallas Dallas
Jonathan Ray Shepherd 36 CAP MURDER BY KIDNAPPING 4/24/2015 Life Without Parole Upshur Upshur
Jonathan Anthony Camacho 25 CAPITAL MURDER 12/14/2015 Life Without Parole Calhoun Calhoun
Jose Alfonso Aviles 51 CAPITAL MURDER 1/10/2013 Life Without Parole Travis Travis
Bobby Fitzgerald Lewis 46 AGG SEX ASLT 8/3/2012 Life Wichita Wichita
Can Van Tran 70 AGG SEX ASLT OF A CHILD 12/18/2003 Life Collin Collin
Billy Ray Johnson, Jr 51 POSS C/S COCAINE 8/18/2015 Life Dallas Dallas
Ernest Moore 52 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 4/22/2011 Life Brazos Johnson
Romeo Anderson Lee 63 UNAUTHORIZED USE OF VEHICLE HA 10/23/2012 Life Dallas Gregg
El Jerome Green 52 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 4/10/2017 Life Dallas Dallas
Eddie Charles Saldana, Jr 31 AGG ROBBERY 10/20/2015 Life Jefferson Jefferson

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