Eastham Unit

Address 2665 Prison Road #1, Lovelady, TX 75851
Unit Type Prison
Inmates 2353
TDCJ Web Page Eastham Unit (EA)


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Christopher James Holder 32 CAPITAL MURDER TERROR THREAT/O 7/17/2015 Life Without Parole Collin Dallas
Eder Morales 25 CAPITAL MURDER 12/22/2014 Life Without Parole Dallas Dallas
Kenya Abdule Martin 27 CAPITAL MURDER 3/31/2015 Life Without Parole Potter Potter
Josue Gonzalez Rodriguez 29 CAPITAL MURDER 11/3/2010 Life Without Parole Hidalgo Hidalgo
Tracy Raynard Bush 53 CAPITAL MURDER 11/13/2009 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Justin Lee Brinegar 45 AGG SEX ASLT OF CHILD 9/3/2014 Life Without Parole McLennan Harris
Roberto Alcala 30 CAPITAL MURDER 4/28/2010 Life Without Parole Taylor Taylor
Roberto Aguirre Rojas 50 CAPITAL MURDER 10/19/2011 Life Without Parole Hidalgo Hidalgo
Mark Lyle Bell 61 CAPITAL MURDER/COMM OTHER FELO 9/20/2012 Life Without Parole Collin Collin
Clyde Henry Crump 32 CAPITAL MURDER 6/10/2010 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Alton Degrate Hawkins 42 CAPITAL MURDER 6/10/2014 Life Without Parole McLennan Marion
Joel Burt Thompkins 54 CAPITAL MURDER 5/28/2014 Life Without Parole Harris Dallas
Xavier Alexander Austin 30 CAPITAL MURDER 10/17/2012 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Terrance Germaine Wilkins 37 CAPITAL MURDER 11/24/2014 Life Without Parole Dallas Dallas
Timothy Ryan Richert 44 CONT SEX ABUSE/CHILD 11/10/2010 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Wesley Wayne Schaefer 40 CONT SEX ABUSE YOUNG CHILD 1/30/2013 Life Without Parole Hays Hays
Wilbert Banks 34 CAPITAL MURDER 12/7/2011 Life Without Parole Randall Potter
Mario Alberto Quintanilla 35 CAPITAL MURDER 2/22/2012 Life Without Parole Hidalgo Hidalgo
Richard Neil Mann 42 CAPITAL MURDER/FEL 6/24/2009 Life Without Parole Dallas Tarrant
Jared Daniel 30 CAP MURDER 1/8/2008 Life Without Parole Harris
Aljero Sentese Collins 35 CAPITAL MURDER 9/8/2016 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Christopher Bernard Boulds 30 CAP MURDER TERROR THREAT/OTH F 4/29/2014 Life Without Parole Grimes Waller
Bronwen Nathaniel Turner 31 CAPITAL MURDER 12/16/2008 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Gregory Charles Goben 57 AGG SEXUAL ASSAULT 9/29/1988 Life Dallas Dallas
James Brey Bradburry 41 AGG ASSLT 6/13/2014 Life Harris Harris
George Fitch, Jr 71 AGG ROBBERY 1/20/2014 Life Dallas Dallas
Brian Gorham 41 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 6/5/2015 Life Bexar Bexar
William Green Biggs, Jr 61 BURG OF HABIT 9/27/2010 Life Lubbock Collin
Sean Maurice Hamilton 47 AGG ROBBERY 9/6/2002 Life Dallas Dallas
Phrory Moran Gamble 40 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD U/14YRS 4/18/2007 Life Tarrant Tarrant

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