Darrington Unit

Address 59 Darrington Road, Rosharon, TX 77583
Unit Type Prison
Inmates 1775
TDCJ Web Page Darrington Unit (DA)


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Patrick Lynn Mcfeely 49 SEX ABUSE CHILD CONT U/14 7/5/2016 Life Without Parole Franklin Franklin
Roger Larry Mccluer 54 CAPITAL MURDER 12/9/2008 Life Without Parole Hill Denton
Oliver Julius Sowell 30 CAPITAL MURDER 3/10/2010 Life Without Parole Bell Bell
Geroid Jermaine Janice 33 CAPITAL MURDER 4/4/2007 Life Without Parole Orange Orange
Leo Thomas Desormeaux, IV 35 CAPITAL MURDER 11/24/2010 Life Without Parole Jasper Jasper
Mario Lavell Cockerham 35 CAPITAL MURDER 4/21/2009 Life Without Parole Liberty Harris
Daniel Flores Lopez 43 CAPITAL MURDER 9/24/2016 Life Without Parole Cameron Cameron
Brian Allen Tucker 49 CAPITAL MURDER TERR THRT/OTH F 4/13/2013 Life Without Parole Hopkins Dallas
Charlie James Wilkinson 26 CAPITAL MURDER 1/29/2009 Life Without Parole Rains Rains
Juan Reyes Rivera 63 CONTINUOUS SEX ABUSE CHILD 3/24/2016 Life Without Parole Nueces Nueces
Shaun Christopher Crump 34 MURDER 5/19/2006 Life Fort Bend Fort Bend
James Newton Beedee 49 MURDER 2/18/1999 Life Harris
Frank A Williams, Jr 44 CAPITAL MURDER 7/10/1998 Life Montgomery
James Everett Grissett 62 AGG ROBBERY 11/5/1996 Life Harris Fort Bend
Louis William Brown, Jr 49 MURDER 11/7/2003 Life Jefferson Jefferson
John Griffin 34 CAPITAL MURDER 9/4/2001 Life Moore Hutchinson
Robert Zamora Hernandez, Jr 42 CAPITAL MURDER 2/9/2008 Life Uvalde Edwards
Jeffrey J Goldsmith 55 MURDER 3/26/2004 Life Gray Gray
Melvin Louis 45 MURDER 5/8/2009 Life El Paso
James Patrick Gibson 54 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 6/4/1996 Life Matagorda McLennan
Wesley Earl Evans 65 AGGRAVATED ROBBERY PRIOR CONVI 12/6/2001 Life Harris Harris
Rene Joe Delarosa, Jr 36 MURDER 5/21/2001 Life Bell Bell
Michael Dale Smith 59 AGG ROBBERY W/DEADLY WPN 7/26/2004 Life Dallas Dallas
Ezekiel Will Bell 23 MURDER 2/28/2014 Life Wilbarger Wilbarger
Raymond Jefferson 63 INJURY TO CHILD-SERIOUS BOD IN 8/18/2016 Life Harris Fort Bend
John Clayton Sheppard 69 UNAUTHORIZED USE MTR VEH 9/3/2016 Life Burleson Burleson
Ennis S Coleman 39 CAPITAL MURDER 2/26/2013 Life Harris Waller
David Elliott Gribble 57 ATT SEX ASLT W/DDLY WPN 3/4/1993 Life Dallas Dallas
William Dilmus Jones, II 36 AGGRAVATED ROBBERY 6/30/2000 Life Williamson Travis
William Mark Gibson 39 CAPITAL MURDER 4/23/2008 Life McLennan Marion

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