Coffield Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Deaundray Edward Woods 27 CAPITAL MURDER PER U/10 YOA 11/10/2016 Life Without Parole Hunt Dallas
Fred Earl Ingerson, III 59 CAPITAL MURDER 7/27/2011 Life Without Parole Hood Hood
Rayford Smith 54 SEX ABUSE CHILD CONT VIC U/14 12/15/2017 Life Without Parole Brazos Milam
Dustin Dewayne West 31 CAPITAL MURDER 9/17/2015 Life Without Parole Johnson Johnson
R.T. Hardge 63 CAPITAL MURDER 8/1/2013 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Cameron Keith Brown 36 CONTINUOUS SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHI 12/17/2018 Life Without Parole Montgomery Montgomery
James Earl Love 59 CONTINUOUS SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHI 11/2/2016 Life Without Parole McLennan McLennan
Bobby Ray Burks, Jr 41 CAPITAL MURDER 3/9/2012 Life Without Parole Williamson Travis
Matthew James Baker 36 CAPITAL MURDER 11/12/2018 Life Without Parole Hutchinson Hutchinson
Jose Alberto Ramirez 38 CAPITAL MURDER 4/21/2010 Life Without Parole Hidalgo Hidalgo
Sammie Caston 41 CONTINUE SEX AB/CHILD 4/21/2016 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Charles Wayne Holbrook 39 CONTINUOUS SEX ABUSE-YOUNG CHI 5/15/2017 Life Without Parole Parker Parker
Milton Rolando Paz 34 CAPITAL MURDER 11/24/2015 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Darrell Wayne Parker 48 CAPITAL MURDER 3/12/2014 Life Without Parole Bell Harris
Victor Gabriel Nunez 44 CAPITAL MURDER CHILD U/6 YRS 6/11/2008 Life Without Parole Dallas Dallas
Christopher Ryan Robinson 32 CAPITAL MURDER 5/14/2010 Life Without Parole Travis McLennan
Eric Xavier Mendoza 43 CAPITAL MURDER-MULTIPLE PERSON 3/29/2012 Life Without Parole Bexar Bexar
David John Diaz 54 MURDER 1/17/2019 Life Without Parole Travis Travis
Joseph Samuel Branstetter 30 CAPITAL MURDER 11/3/2014 Life Without Parole Montgomery Montgomery
William Briley 39 SEX ABUSE CHILD CONTINUE 7/14/2015 Life Without Parole Lubbock Lubbock
Valmore Joseph Gaudette 69 AGGV KIDNAPPING W/WPN 10/16/1995 Life Nacogdoches Nacogdoches
Cliffton Sivad Montague 33 MURDER 5/7/2014 Life Bell Bell
David Powell 40 CAPITAL MURDER 12/28/1999 Life Dallas Dallas
Hector Lopez 40 CAPITAL MURDER 12/4/1997 Life Harris Harris
Jason Brian Alexander 41 POSS OF C/S WIT DEL (COCAINE) 10/25/2001 Life Denton Denton
Bobby Lewis Winn 48 SEXUAL ASLT 2/22/2011 Life Madison Grimes
James Weldon Burton 60 AGG SEX ASSAULT CHILD 9/5/2008 Life Randall Potter
Paul Michael Hernandez 34 CAPITAL MURDER 11/10/2004 Life Bexar Bexar
Adrian D Burton 37 AGG SEX ASSLT CHILD U/14 2/13/2018 Life Harris Waller
Levis Flores 43 AGG ROBBERY 8/9/2014 Life Dallas Dallas