Clements Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Juan Moses Reyes 40 AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSULT OF A 10/20/2010 Life Collin Collin
Jose Antonio Garcia 54 AGG KIDNAPPING 1/20/2015 Life Montgomery Montgomery
Daniel Neal 31 AGG SEX ASLT 2/24/2014 Life Dallas Dallas
Troy Dale Johnston 54 AGG SEX ASSAULT CHILD U14 5/28/2013 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Jose Isreal Garcia 37 MURDER 2/8/2010 Life Montgomery Montgomery
Cedrick Compton 48 CAPITAL MURDER 11/9/2006 Life Dallas Dallas
Fabian Campos 41 CAPITAL MURDER 10/19/2015 Life Hidalgo Hidalgo
Jerry Arthur Norvell, Jr 52 INJ TO A CHILD/SBI 10/18/1996 Life Wood Wood
Joel Price Morris 45 MURDER 4/4/2014 Life Kendall Ellis
Kenneth Ray Atkinson 49 INJURY TO CHILD 4/14/2006 Life Dallas Dallas
Bobby Frank Jackson 54 MURDER W/DEADL WPN 3/21/2013 Life Dallas Dallas
Victor Gil 34 AGG SEX ASSAULT 9/5/2007 Life El Paso El Paso
Terrell Lee Jackman 33 MURDER 4/14/2004 Life Howard Howard
Blair Arden Gravens 68 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD U/14 7/14/2015 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Shomari Harthie Morris 40 AGG ROBBERY 3/30/2004 Life Dallas Dallas
Kenneth Edward Comeaux 38 AGG ASLT 6/12/2014 Life Orange Orange
Mark Russell Arrington 64 AGG SEX ASLT-CHILD UNDER 14 9/30/2009 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Francisco Jose Flores 41 CAPITAL MURDER 8/22/2001 Life Potter Potter
Bradley Clyde Newman 40 CAPITAL MURDER 11/14/2007 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Telesforo Originales Galan 51 CONT SEX ABUSE YOUNG CHILD 9/2/2011 Life Midland Midland
Eugene Waymen Gohlinghorst 62 AGG RAPE PRIOR 5/14/2012 Life Harris Harris
Sergio Gutierrez 61 ATT CAPITAL MURDER 11/30/2004 Life El Paso Johnson
Charles Boyce Coggeshall, Jr 58 AGG SEX ASLT OF A CHILD U/14 11/25/1996 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Charles Allen Donelly 53 SEX ASLT CHILD 10/16/2014 Life Montgomery Harris
John Rodarte, Sr 58 AGG SEXUAL ASLT-CHILD 11/3/2016 Life Bexar Bexar
James Moseley 67 MURDER 12/27/2016 Life Dallas Dallas
Jose Isaac Reyes 35 CAPITAL MURDER 7/16/2003 Life Hidalgo Hidalgo
Richardo Eli Guzman 44 MURDER 5/31/2016 Life Victoria Victoria
Michael Scott Raines 48 AGG SEXUAL ASLT 5/28/2010 Life Wichita Wichita
Jesse Trevino Diaz 70 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 2/14/2011 Life Taylor Taylor

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