Clements Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Thomas Lloyd Taunton 59 CAPITAL MURDER/MULTIPLE PERSON 9/4/2014 Life Without Parole Fannin Fannin
Noah Herrera 39 CAPITAL MURDER 7/11/2011 Life Without Parole Montgomery Montgomery
Miles Monroe Mcfadden 38 CONT SEX ABUSE CHILD 2/10/2012 Life Without Parole Bexar Bexar
John Arick Coleman 46 CAPITAL MURDER 1/12/2011 Life Without Parole Bell Bell
Robert Lee Herring 35 CAPITAL MURDER 5/3/2006 Life Without Parole Bell Bell
Albert Munoz 35 CAPITAL MURDER 8/20/2007 Life Without Parole Upton Upton
Irwin Pentland 48 CAPITAL MURDER 1/18/2018 Life Without Parole Travis Travis
Chris Joshua Meadoux 27 CAPITAL MURDER OTHER FAMILY 10/3/2017 Life Without Parole Bexar Bexar
Ray Vincent Vallejo 39 CAPITAL MURDER INTEND O/FEL 6/1/2011 Life Without Parole Hidalgo Hidalgo
James Davis Morrison 39 CAPITAL MURDER-MULTIPLE PERSON 1/13/2017 Life Without Parole Bexar Bexar
Adrian Rashun Gaston 29 CAPITAL MURDER 12/13/2017 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Tyrone Lacaze 31 CAPITAL MURDER 6/17/2010 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
Juan Castillo 38 CAPITAL MURDER 6/30/2015 Life Without Parole Gaines Gaines
Christian Alberto Martinez 28 CAPITAL MURDER/MULTIPLE PERSON 4/22/2014 Life Without Parole El Paso El Paso
Julian Gutierrez 31 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD 2/21/2013 Life Without Parole Collin Collin
Wallace Wayne Bowman, Jr 40 CAPITAL MURDER 5/14/2010 Life Without Parole Montague Montague
Timothy Lee Barta 41 CAPITAL MURDER 1/23/2006 Life Harris Harris
Derek Rice 44 AGG KIDNAPPING 5/30/2008 Life Travis Travis
Juan Moses Reyes 41 AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSULT OF A 10/20/2010 Life Collin Collin
Jose Venegas Elias 32 AGG KIDNAPPING 2/1/2015 Life Dallas Dallas
Chester Ray Newsome 64 AGG ROBBERY 11/28/1984 Life Harris Harris
Gary Lane Chopp 60 CAPITAL MURDER 9/24/1996 Life Harris Harris
Jeffery Eugene Keith 39 ARSON 4/29/2008 Life Midland Midland
Bradley Clyde Newman 41 CAPITAL MURDER 11/14/2007 Life Tarrant Tarrant
Jacky Lee Payne 58 AGG ASLT W/DW 12/19/2017 Life Randall Potter
Kevin Menard Jones 53 AGG SEX ASLT 2/9/1998 Life Dallas Dallas
Steven Christopher Curry 41 CAPITAL MURDER 9/4/1996 Life Robertson Robertson
Nathaniel Christopher Martinez 42 MURDER 11/23/2005 Life Winkler Winkler
Jose Castaneda 51 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 2/24/2000 Life Webb Webb
Jessie Eugene Mancilla 38 POSS CONT SUB W/INT DEL 1-4G 1/24/2013 Life Grayson Grayson

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