Byrd Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Feltner Dean Hunt 65 CONT SEX ABUSE OF CHILD U/14 7/23/2019 Life Without Parole Dallas
Jose Guillermo Mendez 54 CONT SEX AB CHILD 7/16/2019 Life Without Parole Harris Dallas
Miguel Angel Castellanos 44 SEX ABUSE CHLD CONTINUOUS V/U 7/25/2019 Life Without Parole Collin
Theodore Dwayne Sims 49 CAPITAL MURDER OF MULTI PERSON 7/10/2019 Life Without Parole Bell Bell
Aniseto Alejandro, Jr 29 CAPITAL MURDER OF MULT PERSON 7/10/2019 Life Without Parole Live Oak Medina
Mitchel Glen Butler 40 CAPITAL MURDER 7/1/2019 Life Without Parole Jones Taylor
Darrel Wayne Brown 53 CONT SEX ABUSE CHILD 7/23/2019 Life Without Parole Harris Harris
John Michael Waclawczyk 22 CAPITAL MURDER MULT PERSONS 7/5/2019 Life Without Parole Wilson Wilson
Lonzell Hunter 25 CAPITAL MURDER BY TERROR THRT 7/23/2019 Life Without Parole Dallas
Mitchell Conrad Jones 36 CAPITAL MURDER 7/5/2019 Life Without Parole Collin
Jose Juan Chavez 22 CAPITAL MURDER 6/26/2019 Life Chambers Harris
Larry Coleman Hicks 47 ASLT PUB SERV 7/17/2019 Life Smith Smith
Perry Freeman 60 MURDER 2/15/2017 Life Angelina Angelina
Marco Lenard Broden 46 AGGRV ROBBERY 3/20/2015 Life Harris Harris
David Martin Ruiz 39 MURDER 7/18/2019 Life Collin Collin
Michael Stamp Edmunds 64 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 8/1/1997 Life Dallas Dallas
Jessie J Herrera 66 MURDER 3/3/2010 Life Lubbock Lubbock
Brian James Swinney 36 AGG SEXUAL ASLT CHILD U/14 7/29/2019 Life Tarrant
Richard Dale Griffin 65 CONTINUOUS TRAFFICKING OF PERS 7/12/2019 Life Hays Hays
Johnny Ray Armstrong 38 MURDER 7/11/2019 Life Wise Wise
James Edward Tubbs 68 MAN DEL CONT SUB PG1 4-200G 6/27/2019 Life Walker Walker
Arthur Lee Williams, Jr. 59 CAPITAL MURDER P.O. 7/10/2019 Life Harris Harris
Jesus Mendez 44 SEX ABUSE OF CHILD CONTINUOUS 7/18/2019 Life Travis Travis
Gilbert Angel Escobedo 70 AGG SEX ASLT CHILD U/14 7/24/2019 Life Tarrant
George Munoz, Jr 36 MURDER 7/18/2019 Life Bexar Bexar
Javier Alonzo 57 AGG SEXUAL ASLT CHILD 6/26/2019 Life Hidalgo Hidalgo
James Daniel Green 45 MURDER 5/14/2019 Life Grimes Grimes
Donald William Keeling 51 AGG SEXUAL ASLT OF CHILD U/14Y 7/30/2019 Life Johnson Johnson
Kerry Daniel Dixon 73 AGG ROBBERY 5/28/2013 Life San Jacinto Montgomery
Darrell Jones 61 MURDER 11/23/2010 Life Harris Harris