Beto Unit


Name Age Main Crime Entered On Term Crime Location Home County
Robert Sanchez 62 CAP MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 9/29/2008 Life Bexar Bexar
Brandon Peoples 24 POSS WID C/S HEROIN 200G DFZ 7/7/2015 Life Dallas Dallas
Jose Luis Tovar 26 AGG ROBBERY 1/3/2011 Life Hidalgo Hidalgo
Troy Lee Grimes 57 AGG SEXUAL ASLT 2/11/1993 Life Gray Gray
Lewis Espinoza 40 CAPITAL MURDER 2/15/1996 Life Bell
Antonio Marquez 69 BURG VEH W/I THEFT HABITUAL 10/15/2016 Life Bexar Bexar
Albert Randolph 47 SEX ASLT CHILD 5/29/2009 Life Smith Smith
Frank Elmer Hicks 47 INDECENCY W/CHILD-CONT 11/2/2006 Life Collin Collin
Jose Flores Bassa 64 INDECENCY W/CHILD BY CONTACT 10/10/1997 Life Bell Bell
Brodrick Jermaine Grba 23 MURDER 6/16/2014 Life Burleson Burleson
Byron Trent Bayer 51 CAPITAL MURDER 5/9/2016 Life Hunt Hunt
Cleveland Julius Scott 41 CAPITAL MURDER 3/30/1998 Life Dallas Tarrant
Michael Lynn Henderson 50 AGG SEX ASLT 3/22/1993 Life Dallas Smith
Curtis James Batiste 48 CAPITAL MURDER 5/18/1999 Life Harris Harris
Porcha Sweeney 42 CAP MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 8/30/2005 Life Travis Harris
Raymond Charles Tabares, Jr. 47 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 11/15/2010 Life Gillespie Kerr
Ash Babatunde Bakre 59 MURDER 7/2/2003 Life Collin Dallas
Elias Aviles Valdez 56 AGG SEX ASLT OF A CHILD 4/3/2016 Life Harris Harris
Jason Charles Vallery 36 MURDER 12/1/2003 Life Harris Harris
Jose Collega Reyes 58 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 3/17/1989 Life Harris Harris
Mark Andrew Eldred 39 AGG ASLT 4/7/2005 Life Denton Dallas
Antonio Demond Scott 36 BURG HABIT WIT FELONY 10/22/2010 Life Bowie Bowie
Leon Lafayette 67 MURDER W/DEADLY WPN 10/4/2016 Life Upshur Morris
Jose Ambrosio Tapia 31 AGG ASLT ON PUBLIC SERVANT 10/11/2006 Life Harris Harris
Emilio Cintron 44 INDEC W/CHILD-CONTACT/REPEATER 8/8/2008 Life Bexar Bexar
Justin Wilson 24 MURDER 4/16/2012 Life Brazoria Brazoria
Prentice Almerric Holiday 42 CAPITAL MURDER 9/8/1998 Life Harris Harris
Dangelo Taylor 33 CAPITAL MURDER 4/2/2002 Life Dallas Dallas
Joe Donovan Sanders 49 MURDER 11/22/2014 Life Dallas Hill
Richard Charles Carter 56 MAN/DEL CONT SUB PG1 L/1G DFZ 11/25/2010 Life Smith Smith

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