Personal Profile

Full Name Georgina Cecilia Pérez
Hometown El Paso
Occupation Director of Tornillo Education Program

Georgina is the State Board of Education Representative for District 1, representing students, parents, and educators in more than 40 counties in west Texas and along the border. She has spent over a decade in the classroom teaching students and continues her work in curriculum development and educator training.

Georgina has been a passionate advocate for literacy. She attacked the problem by working with various entities and businesses to coordinate a book distribution program and founded Tu Libro, which has provided over 50,000 books to students that live in rural and impoverished communities in El Paso County who don’t have regular access to a library.

Georgina and her team have spearheaded the creation of a library in Socorro, Texas, which is the second-largest municipality in El Paso County and is going to ensure that more than 55,000 residents in the area have access to reading materials.

In addition to her work with connecting impoverished communities with reading materials, Georgina has also led the creation of scholarship and literacy programs for rural communities that often have little to no access to vital education resources.

Georgina is engaged in educational and community development through advocacy efforts, to include organizing events, presentations, workshops, rallies and protests to address political attacks on education, to include: National Conferences, Presentations at the Texas State School Board of Education, Protesting against Texas House Bill 1938 and Texas Senate Bill 1128 which aimed at effectively dismantling Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies in Texas education.

Some of her proudest endeavors include her efforts which resulted in the implementation of Native American, Mexican American, African American and Asian American Studies courses at the Texas School Board of Education, which allows all Texas school districts the opportunity to create customized cultural studies courses for all grade levels at all campuses through Texas Senate Bill 6, and Proclamation 2017 which allows publishers to create SBOE approved materials for statewide Ethnic Studies courses.