Personal Profile

Full Name Drew Springer
Age 51
Hometown Muenster
Race White
Occupation Financial Services
Education Accounting degree from UNT
Spouse: Lydia
Religion Catholic
Church Sacred Heart

Texas House Member Drew Springer is the State Representative for HD 68. Drew is Christian and a lifelong conservative who fights to preserve rural values, promote economic development, and undue regulations that inhibit rural Texas. Drew is a firm believer that life begins at conception and supports measures to limit or eliminate abortion. A staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, Springer fights to decrease the limitations that restrict law-abiding gun owners from protecting themselves and their loved ones.

Drew graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor's degree in accounting. He spent fifteen years working for a railcar company as an accountant, and eventually as president overseeing three divisions. He left to join his father’s financial services business where Drew has specialized in agricultural managed futures for the last decade. Drew and his wife of 26 years, Lydia, reside in Cooke County where they raise their three children.

Information in this bio was provided by Springer's office.
Last updated: Aug. 1, 2017