Micheal Stravato

The Playlist: The Winner Takes It All

The state's primary election season finally came to an end after the runoff elections this week, so we start our news-inspired playlist with ABBA's "The Winner Takes It All."

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Mark Graham

More Emergency Centers Gear Up to Get 911 Texts

In an effort to modernize the emergency call system, a national initiative looks to increase the use of text-to-911 technology. And with such service available at 27 call centers in 12 counties, Texas is a key participant in that effort.

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Jerod Foster

Royalty Owners Get Some Tips on the Art of the Deal

For landowners and mineral owners in Texas’ hottest drilling plays, the state’s boom means long-lasting windfalls — if those lessors know what to look for in negotiating contracts. With new educational efforts, advocates for royalty owners hope to bolster their position.

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Kurt Nordstrom

No Link Between Drilling and Water Contamination, Report Says

A new report from the state's Railroad Commission found that there isn't enough evidence to link rising amounts of methane in some North Texas water wells to nearby drilling activity. But scientists who study the issue aren't so sure.

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