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Shannon Najmabadi

Shannon Najmabadi is the higher education reporter at The Texas Tribune, where she started as a fellow in 2017. She's reported on secrecy that's lingered after a sexual assault scandal, a costly way one university responded to a controversial speaker, and a state law that bars teachers, nurses and other license-holders from working if they fall behind on their student loans. Off the higher education beat, Shannon has written about the narrow way Texas defines a "pickle," the Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy, and how Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses basements, hotels and office buildings as short-term way stations for people in their custody. She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and Columbia University.

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The Theater District in downtown Houston on Sunday, Aug 27, 2017, is flooded by water from Buffalo Bayou. 
 Michael Stravato for The Texas Tribune

This is already Houston’s "worst flood." It’s only going to get worse.

As swamped officials struggled to respond to a deadly crisis Sunday, southeast Texans were bracing for their troubles to multiply over the coming week. Harvey is on track to produce even more devastating floods.

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