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Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy creates graphics, interactive stories and data-driven features, wrangles difficult datasets and works on tools to make development for the team more efficient. He also oversees the design and maintenance of our large-scale explorers.

Recent Contributions

Interactive: Texas Diabetes Rates 2010-2040

The number of Texas adults with diabetes is set to quadruple over the next three decades, from roughly 2 million to nearly 8 million, according to new projections. Use this interactive map to track diabetes rates in Texas from now through 2040 — and to get a county-by-county look at the rising population of diabetics over time. Full Story 
Illustration by Todd Wiseman

Data App: Community College Pay

About 60 percent of Texas students who continue their education after high school start out at community colleges, whose payrolls have not been part of our database of public employee salaries — until today. We've added in the pay of nearly 20,000 administrators and faculty at seven Texas community colleges and college districts: Houston Community College, Dallas County Community College District, Alamo Colleges, Lone Star College, Austin Community College, Collin College and Tarrant County College. While the median salaries at community colleges are comparable to those of state universities, dramatic differences can be seen at the margins.

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Interactive: Concealed Handgun Licenses By County

The Tribune analyzed Texas Department of Public Safety data on concealed handgun license issuance during 2009, creating thematic maps that show a county-by-county breakdown of the total number of licenses issued and the per-capita rate. The latter figure is a more accurate measure for the proportion of residents who received licenses. Darker colors represent higher totals and rates. Full Story