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Robert Inks

Robert Inks is the night news editor at the Tribune. Before joining the Tribune in October 2015, Robert copy edited for several newspapers in and outside Texas. He also was a writer and editor for online global affairs website Stratfor and a project manager for newspaper publisher GateHouse Media. Robert is an Austin native and a UT-Austin graduate.

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Graphic by Jennifer Whitney

New in TribTalk: Tech and Texas government

There can be no denying that the technology industry plays a significant role in Texas' economy, but our state Legislature and governor's office have not evolved to properly handle technology issues, write Ron Yokubaitis and Shane Menking of Data Foundry.

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Bob Daemmrich for The Texas Tribune

New in TribTalk: Trump and executive action

It is incumbent on conservatives to uphold their principles and speak out against actions that violate the country's most cherished constitutional precepts — regardless of the occupant of the White House — writes state Rep. Matt Krause, R-Fort Worth.

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Illustration by Todd Wiseman

New in TribTalk: Fixing health care

The Affordable Care Act, a sweeping law full of crushing regulations and burdensome mandates, has accomplished exactly the opposite of what President Obama naively promised while shattering the confidence of millions Americans in the process, writes U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe.

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Eric Gay

New in TribTalk: Border security under Trump

With a Trump presidency and Republican-controlled Congress committed to securing the border, the question must be asked: Why should the Texas Legislature be in the border security business at all? It shouldn't, writes Republican political consultant Ted Delisi.

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New in TribTalk: Honoring veterans

The least we can do is to ensure that our government does everything it can to provide the medical care and support services our veterans require after completing their service, write U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and state Sen. Brian Birdwell.

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New in TribTalk: School finance stigma

Recapture. The infamous, intimidating, complex school finance policy often referred to as "Robin Hood." But, asks Ray Freeman of the Equity Center, why does the term impart such a sense of negativity?

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Stephan Spillman

New in TribTalk: East Texas and Trump

A new poll shows East Texans are supporting Donald Trump, but at lower rates than they supported Mitt Romney four years ago, writes UT-Tyler Associate Professor Mark Owens.

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Abby Livingston

New in TribTalk: Judicial restraint in the U.S. Supreme Court

After the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the U.S. Supreme Court found success by endeavoring to build bipartisan coalitions and resolve cases on narrow grounds rather than trying to establish far-reaching categorical rules, writes Austin lawyer Anya Bidwell.

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REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

New in TribTalk: Fanning the "rigged election" flames

After more than a decade of fomenting suspicions about the voting process, Texas GOP leaders find themselves called upon to defend the overall integrity of a process that has delivered most of the political system to their party over the very same time period, write James Henson and Joshua Blank of the Texas Politics Project.

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Shelby Tauber

New in TribTalk: Trump and immigrants

Texas has long been a place of hope for immigrants of all ages, origins, eras and beliefs — contrary to the Republican presidential nominee's divisive rhetoric, writes recent Lone Star State transplant Joseph Kopser.

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Gabriel Cristóver Pérez

New in TribTalk: The future of Texas water

With our state's population expected to grow by nearly 10 million people by 2030, now is the time to get our water planning processes right, write Jennifer Walker and Tom Spencer of the Texas Living Waters Project.

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Shelby Tauber

New in TribTalk: Trump and Texas

Polling data suggest the attitudes sustaining Donald Trump's candidacy in Texas will continue to play a role in GOP politics in Texas regardless of the future of the candidate himself, write James Henson and Joshua Blank of the Texas Politics Project.

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Graphic by Todd Wiseman

New in TribTalk: Medicaid and Texas

Medicaid and Obamacare are already failing. Texas should retain its focus on fostering an economic environment that creates a path to self-sufficiency, write John Colyandro and Tom Aldred of the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute.

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