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Reeve Hamilton covers higher education and politics for The Texas Tribune and hosts the Tribune's weekly podcast. His writing has also appeared in Texas Monthly and The Texas Observer. Born in Houston and raised in Massachusetts, he has a bachelor's degree in English from Vanderbilt University.

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Justin Dehn

Powers "Heartened" by Conversation on Tuition Guarantee

University of Texas at Austin President Bill Powers said he was "heartened" by the statewide discussion on locking in students' tuition rates for four years, and he called on the state to similarly lock in funding for public universities.

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UT freshmen Utkarsh Paul (l), Joesph Zukis (c) and Jorge Mathuta (r) were evacuated from their dorms after receiving a text message from UT warning them of a possible threat. (September 14, 2012) Todd Wiseman

University Responses to Bomb Threats Scrutinized

In the last several days, multiple universities, including two in Texas, have received bomb threats. The different responses highlight the individual nature of each case and raise questions of how best to go about warning a campus.

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