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Reeve Hamilton covers higher education and politics for The Texas Tribune and hosts the Tribune's weekly podcast. His writing has also appeared in Texas Monthly and The Texas Observer. Born in Houston and raised in Massachusetts, he has a bachelor's degree in English from Vanderbilt University.

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Asbestos Allegations Stir Controversy in Kilgore

Tensions at the nearly 80-year-old Kilgore College have reached new — and possibly violent — heights amid allegations that the school was in the habit of improperly removing and disposing of asbestos from its buildings.

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Asbestos Audio

Dalton Smith speaks with a man he identified as Dan Beach, Kilgore College's director of special projects, in a secret recording Smith made about asbestos removal.

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Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

Perry Stepping Up His Presidential Game

If he opts to run for president again, Gov. Rick Perry wants to ensure that his entry into the field bears little resemblance to 2011, when he jumped into the Republican presidential primaries with little preparation or forethought.

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The Playlist: One More Shot

Before transitioning to the governor's office, Greg Abbott, the outgoing attorney general, indicated that he intends to file at least one more lawsuit against the Obama administration, so our playlist starts with the Levon Helm Band's "One More Shot."

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Bob Daemmrich

At Abbott's Side, Hodge Readies for a New Role

Little known outside the halls of Texas government, Daniel Hodge has become one of its more powerful behind-the-scenes figures. That's only becoming more true: He's expected to serve a key role in the new governor's administration.

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