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Kirby Wilson

Kirby Wilson is a reporting fellow for the Texas Tribune. Previously, Kirby worked as a politics reporter for the Tampa Bay Times, his hometown paper, and as a staff writer for the Duke Chronicle. He graduated from Duke in the spring of 2017 with an English degree and alarming levels of debt.

Recent Contributions

 Texas General Land Office

Alamo Dig Yields Colonial Wall Remnants

Spanish colonial adobe bricks discovered at a dig site in downtown San Antonio's Alamo Plaza may have comprised part of the mission's original western wall, researchers announced Monday.

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 Bob Daemmrich for The Texas Tribune

Six Months In, Few Open Carry Complaints

Six months ago when properly licensed Texans began openly carrying handguns, anti-gun activists and Second Amendment backers were sharply divided over what to expect. So far, gun owners seem to have the most complaints.

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