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Evan Smith is the CEO and co-founder of The Texas Tribune, a pioneering nonprofit, nonpartisan digital news organization whose deep coverage of Texas politics and public policy can be found at its website, texastribune.org, in newspapers and on TV and radio stations across the state, and in the print and online editions of the Washington Post. Since its launch in 2009, the Tribune has won international acclaim and numerous honors, including a Peabody Award, thirteen national Edward R. Murrow Awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association and three general excellence awards from the Online News Association. Evan is also the host of “Overheard with Evan Smith,” a weekly half-hour interview program that airs on PBS stations around the country. Previously he spent nearly 18 years at Texas Monthly, including eight years as the magazine's editor and a year as its president and editor in chief.

Recent Contributions

T-Squared: Ask and Ye Shall RSSeive.

One of the persistent comments we heard after going live last Tuesday was: Why can't you provide an RSS feed for your original news stream, and, more broadly, why isn't the site set up in a way that enables the RSS habits and preferences of your users? Done and done.

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T-Squared: We've Got Your (Feed)Back

Forty-eight hours or so have passed since we opened for business, and your cards and letters -- more like your tweets and e-mails -- are telling us much of what we need to know about the changes you'd like to see to our site, things that would enhance your experience.

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Elise Hu

Bartlett on Rick vs. Kay ... and Bush?

Dan Bartlett, George W. Bush's communications director and counselor, talks to the Tribune's Evan Smith about whether the former president's loyalists -- and the former president himself? -- are taking sides in the Republican primary for governor. Full Story 

2010: The Distinguished Gentlelady from H-P?

Another Texan is running for the U.S. Senate -- but in an actual race, not a hypothetical one that depends on dominoes falling, and not in Texas. Austin native Carly Fiorina, the ousted CEO of Hewlett-Packard and a chastened adviser to John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign, made formal today her plans to seek the Republican nomination for the California Senate seat now held by Barbara Boxer.

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Elise Hu

Bartlett Calls for GOP Inclusiveness

Dan Bartlett, George W. Bush's communications director and counselor, talks with the Tribune's Evan Smith about the intra-party struggle between conservatives and moderates in the Republican party. (To listen to the full thirty-minute interview with Bartlett, see related stories.) Full Story 

2010: Hair Yesterday, Gone Today

So Houston hair-care king Farouk Shami is in the race, pledging to spend $10 million to win a Democratic primary in which the majority of voters are still undecided. Among the interesting things to watch will be the dynamic between Shami and his rival for the nomination, Kinky Friedman, as the two are well acquainted: Shami was the subject of one of Kinky's fawning TEXAS MONTHLY columns (edited by yours truly) back in 2003 -- the sort of piece in which he would go all gooey over someone he professes to love, like Racehorse Haynes or Jim Nabors.

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T-Squared: Us vs. Them

I don't blame Leibowitz for making such a fuss about this, and I don't blame Sullivan either. They're just doing their jobs. As are our pollsters. As are we all.

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Ads Infinitum: A Message to All Our Campaign Consultant Pals

This blog is designed to be a repository for your best work: the ads you create for your clients in legislative, congressional, and statewide races. We'd love it if you'd send us audio, video, campaign mailers, and the like that we can post here for the next year—and you can be sure we'll be asking the same of your counterparts at rival campaigns.

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T-Squared: Day One

For those of us who willingly quit good jobs with big media companies to join an untried journalism start-up with an untested business model, this site, this thing, is the expression of our ideals, the realization of our dreams, and the validation of our faith. We're enormously proud, every one of us, of what we're doing and why. We're awed and cowed by what we've been able to produce so quickly and on a relative shoestring (relative, that is, compared to the budgets we lived within and among just a few months ago). And we've barely gotten started.

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Elise Hu

Welcome to The Texas Tribune

What we intend to accomplish with the Trib — what we mean to do on an ongoing basis — is right there in our stated mission: to promote civic engagement and discourse on public policy, politics, government, and other matters of statewide concern.

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A conversation with Dan Bartlett

Former White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett sits down with the Tribune's Evan Smith to talk about Rick vs. Kay, what Texans should think about health care reform and troop levels in Afghanistan, and the GOP's missed opportunity to reach out to Hispanics. Full Story 
Todd Wiseman

We're mobile! We're on iTunes!

Because we believe so strongly in distributing our content across as many platforms as possible, we're happy to report that you can take the Trib with you. You can see a constantly updated stream of our top stories on our mobile site, m.texastribune.org, and you can download our podcasts and our free Elected Officials Directory app on iTunes (there's a free version and a paid version). If there's another way you'd like to get access to Trib content other than at your computer, let us know.

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