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Linda Hunter sits in the dining room of her home in Gunter, TX where concrete batch plants can be seen through the windows on March 21, 2023. Since the first plant was built in 2017, Hunter and her husband’s quality of life has been impacted by the persistent air, noise, and light pollution generated. “These are 9 feet of windows. They were placed out here so that I could see outside in the country.”

Senator’s bill would fine Texans for multiple environmental complaints that don’t lead to enforcement

The bill would impose fines when residents make more than three complaints to the state environmental agency in a year if they don’t result in enforcement action. Critics warn the bill would discourage people from reporting pollution.

By Alejandra Martinez, The Texas Tribune, and Martha Pskowski, Inside Climate News

Lisa Hunter walks along the fence separating her property and land owned by the concrete batch plants next-door in Gunter, TX on March 21, 2023. Wastewater and air pollution from the plants have made its way onto Hunter’s land over the years, affecting her ability to raise cattle or produce anything on the land.
A truck transporting reinforced concrete boxes drives past Linda Hunter’s home in Gunter, TX on March 21, 2023. She says the trucks going in and out of the concrete batch plants nearby drive by her house at hazardous speeds and loudly.
Linda Hunter spreads out photos taken of her land over the years and letters from TCEQ, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, in response to complaints made by Hunter and advocacy group Gunter Clean Air in her home in Gunter, TX on March 21, 2023.

Slow response to complaints could lead to missed violations, critics say

Dierdre Diamond looks up at an air quality monitor motherboard based on Linda Hunter’s land in Gunter, TX on March 21, 2023. Linda Hunter proximity to the concrete batch plants made it a significant location to monitor air quality from.
Air quality recordings taken from an air quality monitor are shown on Lisa Hunter’s phone in her home in Gunter, TX on March 21, 2023.

Bill clashes with Sunset review recommendations

Deirdre Diamond, a respiratory therapist and mother of six children, is photographed in the backyard of her home in Gunter, TX on March 21, 2023. After moving her family to Gunter to achieve a better quality of life for her kids, Diamond learned of residents’ environmental concerns over local concrete batch plants and became a lead advocate for Gunter Clean Air, a local group working to limit the pollution in their town.

Gunter residents prepare for fight 

A concrete truck is washed at a concrete batch plant in Gunter, TX on March 21, 2023.
Lisa Hunter drive along a creek on her land that’s been carved by wastewater coming in from the neighboring concrete batch plant in Gunter, TX on March 21, 2023.

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