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Texas Legislature 2023

How could Texas spend its record $32.7 billion surplus?

If Texas’ budget surplus were distributed directly to Texans, it could pay for 12 years of school lunches, seven months of rent or 11,000 miles of travel. Here’s how to put the big number into perspective.

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Just how large is the $32.7 billion budget surplus?

Texas’ surplus is bigger than the entire budget of many other states.

It’s bigger than the economy of some metropolitan areas in Texas.

If the $32.7 billion surplus were distributed equally, every Texan would get $1,088.

How many avocados could each Texan buy with $1,088?

If the $32.7 billion surplus were distributed equally to every Texas household, every household would get $3,192.

How many months of groceries would that pay for?

For how long could the budget surplus cover rent?

How many electric bills would that cover for every household?

If the surplus went to gas money, how far could every Texas driver go?

How many school lunches would that buy?

What about giving raises to Texas teachers?

Realistically, what will this money actually be spent on?

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