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Migrant Tragedy in San Antonio

Guatemalan village mourns two teens lost in San Antonio migrant smuggling tragedy

Relatives of the victims and other residents of the village of Tzucubal pooled their resources and traveled to Guatemala’s capital last week to confirm their identities. They now wait for the teens’ bodies to be repatriated so they can be buried.

Magdalena Tepaz Tziac, mother of Juan Wilmer Tulul Tepaz, watches her husband show a photo of their deceased child to a news photographer in the offices of the Guatemalan consulate.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Magdalena Tepaz Tziac, madre de Juan Wilmer Tulul Tepaz, observa a su esposo enseñar la foto del difunto hijo a un fotógrafo de la prensa en las instalaciones del consulado de Guatemala.
As Manuel Jesus Tulul leaves the consulate, he holds up a photo of his son, Juan Wilmer Tulul Tepaz. The consulate used the photo for visual identification of the child, who died at the age of 14. 

ORIGINAL TEXT: Manuel Jesus Tulul Tulul, padre de Juan Wilmer Tulul Tepaz, enseña una foto de su difunto hijo recién salido del consulado. La imagen sirvió para la identificación visual del joven fallecido a la edad de 14 años
Magdalena Tepaz Tziac, mother of Juan Wilmer Tulul Tepaz, fights back tears as she leaves the Guatemalan Consulate in Guatemala City before boarding the bus that will take her back to Nahualá.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Magdalena Tepaz Tziac, madre de Juan Wilmer Tulul Tepaz, aguanta el llanto al cruzar la calle saliendo del Consulado de Guatemala, en la zona 10 capitalina, antes de agarrar al bus de regreso a Nahualá
María Sipac Coj, mother of Pascual Melvin Guachiac Sipac, holds the hand of her younger son as they leave the consulate to return to Nahualá.

ORIGINAL TEXT: María Sipac Coj, madre de Pascual Melvin Guachiac Sipac, sale del consulado de la mano de su hijo menor, de vuelta a Nahualá

Ongoing conflict and zero opportunities

19-year-old driven north by desperation is missing

The parents of Carlos Estuardo Tambriz of Xepatú, Sololá, arrive at the consulate to provide information about their son, who vanished in the desert near Tucson, Arizona, on June 14.

ORIGINAL TEXT: Mientras tanto, los padres de Carlos Estuardo Tambriz, originarios de Xepatú, Sololá, acudían al consulado para dejar los datos de su hijo, quien desapareció en el desierto de Tuxon, Arizona, el 14 de junio
Congressman Manuel Tzep Rosario, president of the Congressional Committee on Migrants and a native of Nahualá, spent the entire morning acting as a K’iche’ interpreter for the victims’ families. 

ORIGINAL TEXT: El diputado Manuel Tzep Rosario, presidente de la Comisión del Migrante del Congreso y originario de Nahualá, apoyó a los familiares de las víctima durante toda la mañana con la interpretación al idioma quiché

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