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Uvalde school shooting

Texas has some safety requirements for public schools — but leaves most of the particulars up to education officials

Texas requires schools to have emergency plans and conduct safety drills. But a lot of decisions about safety are left to school districts and charter schools.

At Steele Montessori Academy, a formerly closed campus,  Azeri’aha and Penelope Acuña hold hands and play during recess on April 26, 2018.
Bexar County's school districts are among the most segregated in the state, with boundary lines historically drawn to consolidate resources. San Antonio ISD is working to create more socioeconomic and racial diversity through public school choice measures.

Who can carry a gun in Texas schools?

Who is in charge of school safety in Texas?

What safety measures are required or recommended in schools?

Does every school have police officers assigned to campuses?

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