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The Second Pandemic: Averting a Children’s Mental Health Crisis

Pandemic show and tell: Texas second graders’ drawings and words reveal how COVID-19 touched their lives

Fear, happiness and relief show up in the artwork of San Antonio students asked to depict their reactions to the challenges of the past year.

David Sutton, Jr.'s drawing reads, “I liked how our community was safe, but not going online. To: News Reporters. Love, David Sutton, Jr.”
Ryu's drawing reads, “I liked playing with my friends at recess. But I hated wearing sweaty mask outside.”
Kaylee's drawing reads, “I like how people couldn’t get in my fase [sic] because of Covid, but I hated wearing a mask.”
Emanuel's drawing reads, “I loved Ms. Crandall, but I didn’t like doing class on Zoom.”

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