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How inconsistent policies and enforcement have created false hope for migrants at the border

The Biden administration and the Mexican government have made the situation at the border so confusing that even seasoned experts can’t always determine who is allowed in and who isn’t. That may be contributing to the high number of border crossings.

Venezuelan asylum seeker Jhinezka de Arias holds her son Cristhofer at the bus station in Brownsville, Texas, on Feb. 25.

Some families with children under 7 are allowed to enter

Biden is accepting 25,000 migrants with pending cases

A Central American asylum seeker carries her child near an area designated for those who had tested positive to the COVID-19…

Unaccompanied migrant children are no longer expelled

Central American asylum-seeking children pass their time at a migrant camp where they have lived for more than a year after …

Most single adults are turned away under the pandemic health order

Thousands are still waiting to enter, hoping for asylum

The closed-down migrant camp is seen in Matamoros, Mexico on Feb. 24, 2021. Approximately 800 asylum seekers in the camp wer…

A need to fix legal pathways and overburdened courts

Marlen D. Cruz, 42, an asylum seeker from Honduras, looks for her immigration documents in a bedroom that a friend who is al…

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